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The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

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So, me and Meshpet decided to open an exclusive thread just for making tennis matches.If you want to join, you're going to have to be on time. PM me or Meshpet about it and we'll consider you.Right now, It's Meshy's turn cuz she wants to start first.So ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... START!!The turns so that people dont get confused;-Science-Mesh-Stormy-Raven-Milennium

Edited by ScienceMachine
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Wait ... who's "Bob"?

you mean Robert? just some random other demon Maxwell is randomly conversing with~ this was just kind of a 'meanwhile' flash backish thing. we can take it from where we left off with your waclaw having a hissy fit over the tiny ebil kitty <3
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No! Raven! No!! I already said it in the OP! Don't add until you PM us (Me and Mesh)!Ouuuhhh ... you might have ruined whatever Mash had in mind ...Right, send me a PM and I'll discuss with Mesh.

i hadn't started yet~ so it couldn't have done too much damage lol~kinda wonder what the picture was about now since i didn't get a chance to see before it was deleted ._. Edited by meshpet
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