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  1. Attack Controls

    Yea works now so i guess steam updated it really late or something. It happened to another game of mine and caused me a huge headache just to find out it never updated.
  2. What ever DLC is made for this game I'm buying. So will allot of other fans of the game. Period. People who don't like DLC and want to complain about it probably wont, so they don't matter any way. Also people who think they are entitled to everything for free wont either, so they also don't matter.
  3. Attack Controls

    Uhhhnng. God I wish this was never messed with. I am having such a hard time now that the auto target is gone and I have to manualy click through a hoard of spiders to set one as a target in the middle of a forest. If your character automaticly chose the closest non-friendly target when one wasn't specified then I could see this working (like the current action button). Right now unless i can manually click through dence forestry i can't attack anything unless i'm at a clearing. And then when targets move position you've got to retarget instead of just being able to attack the closest one. I'm probably gonna let this sit untill it's tweaked again because i'm just too frustrated to even look at it after dying several times because it's taking me 3 times as long to kill anything in groups.
  4. erm... Some one said Maxwell had kids right? Maybe William is his son~ That would make a lot of fan girls mad mind you >.>; but it is a possibility since carter is pretty young compared to Maxwell...
  5. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    I have a horrible personal matter that has come up that i need to take care of so I'm dropping out of the tennis. I'm really sorry guys >.<
  6. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    lmao.... i have an idea~ [MENTION=5416]ScienceMachine[/MENTION] DON'T TAKE THE RING THING i shall paw at my part but who wants to end the tennis? will we just play it by ear and end it when it looks fitting?
  7. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    it's science's turn now right? or is every one too busy with life to continue lolol~
  8. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    eh I'm gonna have to skip my turn. i have a ton of crap to do atm and i don't wanna hold this up any longer >.<
  9. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    been busy with stuff~ I'll paw at my post today~ermergerd ppl >.< Robert was the maint guy ; ; not the bookkeeper lol~any way i don care~ as for rule ideas, how about if any character/npc is added there needs to be a basic ref post on them posted before the add. like a brief background, their likes dislikes or just something to help others keep the character IN character. And if they have any relation to the existing characters it should be noted on there too (like ravens bg with maxwell). and if it changes like i add a character and some one makes a bg with them, it should be noted so every one knows whats going on. cause i know my prob at the beginning was keeping characters in character without knowing anything about them lol~
  10. Which level did you play? (Don’t forget to write down the name when you start!)ArchipelagoHow would you rate your Don’t Starve skill: Beginner, Moderate, or Expert?I'll be safe and say moderate.Did you end the level by teleporting or by dying, and at how many days?ended by dying maybe on day 4 or 5.What was the most challenging aspect of the level? (Think about resources, enemies, light and sanity, food, shape of the world, etc...)The bee area. The wormhole spawns me right next to killer bees and i ended up down to half health before the screen faded in and i could finally move. the fact that you start in a small patch of normal land while having to go through a huge swamp is pretty challenging. the massive amounts of spiders actually helped me have a safer passage then areas with out them lol~What did you have the most fun with in this particular level? What was the coolest part?The best part about this level was Maxwell's coat. Other then that i pretty much hated it lol~ The bee area is pretty hardcore thou, just wish the wormhole spawn wasn't so close to them. also i got beat up pretty bad by a tentacle when i tried to use the worm hole as well.What was your overall strategy for beating the level? Did you change or adapt the strategy as the level went on?i ended up gathering health items early on (butterfly wings, spider glands) and made my way slowly through the swamp rather then try to run it.And of course if you have any other comments on the overall play and feeling of the level, fire away!I love Maxwell's coat and I want one of my own <3 Other then that, this has been my least fav level. That bee area is just a bit much i think >.< also the divining rod telling you that your close to a piece even though it's on another island does throw you off a bit
  11. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    i never get any questions =\ like maybe 3 lol but i don't care since it's more of an art dump for me then anything~and they're down to using messenger pigeons lol. What Robert screwed up is totally up to you guys but i figure it has to do with the world shifting and Maxwell just got the message late. Also, as for reasoning behind the weird way him and Robert communicate I'm putting it down to 'they do it because it makes things more interesting and challenging rather then using instant communications that take the fun out of things'~
  12. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    yea i guess so lol, gonna do that on my next turn thou~ D Wilson - "Wait... What!?" Tiddles - "Tee Hee. Don't worry about it pet! I'll watch your back tonight<3" Maxwell - "..." Maxwell - *looks up from silent brooding* "It's about time..." "...." "FREAKIN' HELL ROBERT! CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT!!??" oos Robert dun screwed something up~
  13. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    tiddles isn't wearing clothes >.>;;;;;;
  14. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    oosss sorry been busy with things >.< I'll paw at mah post asap >.< and wth do you mean die before dawn you'll be lost forever? i kinda figured if Wilson died at all he'd be lost lolol
  15. The Artsy Fartsy Tennis Thread

    oh gawd >.< lmao so he's gonna go crazy every time some one chops down a tree? lolol