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How does ration box and refrigerator storage works?

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Dupes don`t always eat the full 1000 calories portion per day. Sometimes they leave leftovers that get loaded back to the fridge. This is why the numbers are so weird. Another problem is that dupes rarely pick up the leftovers if they can grab a full ration so it often ends up spoiling.

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:) 500 were wasted to improve the fishomatic and cover the surface area (no  fossils yet). I finish around 1300 cycle, but the 13000 tones of regolith (only what was visible in a small corner) made me abandon and start again.

In this new one i finish the bunker shield in 295 cycles, whit only 8600 tones of regolith to deal whit. For me this amount is reasonable, after finish a stable oxygen and power station, i will experiment whit steam turbine and regolith smelter.

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2 hours ago, Vamshi_goud said:

So all the extra calories which are not listed are leftovers?

I'm uncertain how the information from mousing over the calories is calculated.  It could be not counting the food in storage, it could also not be counting food that your dupes aren't allowed to eat..  If you want to see all of the edibles that are in reach of your dupes, go to the right side and expand the "edible" tab.  Then, you can click on an edible and it will take you to that food.  Each time you click on a particular edible, it will cycle to the next location of that food.


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