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  1. Thanks for the response Device: Moto G5 Plus
  2. Did they abandoned pocket edition? the last update was ages ago and also we need QoL update.
  3. Is bundling wrap and other features coming to pocket edition, I had really big advantage while fighting Giants.
  4. Lagging for every alternate second.

    Sadly No...
  5. Lagging for every alternate second.

    So, I did some experimenting and came to the conclusion that it has something to do with coal generators. I loaded a previous cycle where I didn't built any coal generators as expected the game runs smoothly. and also as shown in the video the first colony, the bigger colony has no coal generators and runs smoothly. and How can I reach developers?
  6. Lagging for every alternate second. Here follow this link, the first save which is "duck weed colony" which runs fine and the second one is "Clickbait Colony" which is lagging.
  7. Lagging for every alternate second.

    wait, I'll provide a video.
  8. Lagging for every alternate second.

    Yes, that one. the one with the generators. I might played it a little after the bug report hence no fire poles for you, but did you notice any lag, like every half a second it stutters. It was driving me crazy. and thank you for taking time and replying. I would've gave up by now.
  9. Lagging for every alternate second.

    No, the one with two coal generator at the bottom right and tow fire poles. the name is "Clickbait Colony" not "Clickbait".
  10. Lagging for every alternate second.

    Thank you for trying, but there are two colonies withe the same name you need to open "Clickbait Colony" not Just "Clickbait". Oh and I don't use mods.
  11. The game used to work normally before, but suddenly in the game started lagging. I tried restarting the game, restarting the computer and verifying the Local file but nothing seems to work. I'm also providing the save_files and I couldn't find the "output_log.txt" file. and its only happening in "Clickbait Colony". other colonies are fine. as shown in this Video. I did some experimenting and found out that the issue is caused by coal generators.
  12. Unrefrigerated Food Bug

    I have a fridge.
  13. Unrefrigerated Food Bug

    Clicking on Unrefrigerated Food notification opens up Food building panel in the bottom left.
  14. Its spreading everywhere now, Like it has its own mind.
  15. I built a corner Moulding and later destroyed the Upper and Left side tiles and built a wall, but it shows missing tile and it can be fixed by destroying and reconstructing the corner moulding again.