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An Assumption.

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I would love to hear the preview video sound in game :D. I am pretty sure they will ad it in.:abnormal:

I just really hope that the stuff you find in the graves serves a meaningfull purpose.

I made a few ideas on the grave digger items... the buttons should be used to craft a (special) snowman...http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?9314-grave-digger-items-new-abilies!
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There is a file called gramaphone.fsb of which contains some music which consists of some songs already in the game, and some other stuff that I have not heard before such as CreepyForest_vinyl_mastered and DjangoStyleWeirder_vinyl_mastered. (Since I'm not sure about how I could post an audio clip you can listen to them using this http://aezay.site11.com/aezay/fsbextractor/)

(I must add that I really like the second one.)

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