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  1. What's your worst death?

    That roughly makes 10 years, considering Wilson is around his 30's he'd be 40 after 3600 days.
  2. Support for control-click for laptops

    Don't laptops have seperate buttons on the touchpad for right and left clicking ?
  3. Odd Monster in Forest

    It's actually a red bird but ssssh !
  4. Odd Monster in Forest

    I FOUND THE PELONTROX !!!!http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/576733144856281735/276C6B55C353B9F84535C03F1025A0D75591855A/LOOK BEHIND THE BERRY BUSH, IT'S THERE !!!
  5. Don't Starve can be a troll some times.

    Having 1 beefalo deosn't matter much because once they enter the horny phase of their lives the map gets cluttered with beefalo. I had like 3 beefalo, after the mating season I had around 30. Then I had my treeguard kill some for me because they were cluttering my base.
  6. I think the log suit needs a buff

    The game needs either a logsuit buff or a tier 2 armor, tier 3 being the night armor.
  7. There WILL be blood....Pig king blood in the sea..

    Rotate your screen when giving him gifts.
  8. Logsuit

    Well like he said, I have no problems with spiders as I can controllably kite them but hounds are the biggest problem.I have died to them twice now, which never used to happen.
  9. Logsuit

    It goes down in like 4-5 spider hits.And you totally lose one during a hound attack because for whatever reason hounds no longer priotorize eating meat on the ground.It needs to be buffed imo, I haven't tried the night armor yet but I assume it was nerfed also.Either give us a tier 2 armor, or buff it a little bit so it can withstand hound attacks.
  10. Pretty good difficulty now!

    Armor needs a buff, other than that the player nerfs were very welcome.
  11. Rabbit traps are not working

    Happened multiple times already now.I guess I should move the traps further away from the nest entrences ?
  12. I always thought it was a reference to Fallout, where eyes are the hardest point to hit but do the most critical damage.
  13. I make the trap, rabbit gets caught, I check the trap, No rabbit and my trap percentage goes down.
  14. Pan flute recipe too expensive!

    And give some sort of method to respawn mandrakes.
  15. Sleeping without a fire with the straw roll

    It's the same logic as a child fearing of monsters, blankets provide you immunity from monsters, The Grue is not an exception to this rule.