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  1. That roughly makes 10 years, considering Wilson is around his 30's he'd be 40 after 3600 days.
  2. Having 1 beefalo deosn't matter much because once they enter the horny phase of their lives the map gets cluttered with beefalo. I had like 3 beefalo, after the mating season I had around 30. Then I had my treeguard kill some for me because they were cluttering my base.
  3. The game needs either a logsuit buff or a tier 2 armor, tier 3 being the night armor.
  4. Well like he said, I have no problems with spiders as I can controllably kite them but hounds are the biggest problem.I have died to them twice now, which never used to happen.
  5. It goes down in like 4-5 spider hits.And you totally lose one during a hound attack because for whatever reason hounds no longer priotorize eating meat on the ground.It needs to be buffed imo, I haven't tried the night armor yet but I assume it was nerfed also.Either give us a tier 2 armor, or buff it a little bit so it can withstand hound attacks.
  6. Armor needs a buff, other than that the player nerfs were very welcome.
  7. Happened multiple times already now.I guess I should move the traps further away from the nest entrences ?
  8. I always thought it was a reference to Fallout, where eyes are the hardest point to hit but do the most critical damage.
  9. I make the trap, rabbit gets caught, I check the trap, No rabbit and my trap percentage goes down.
  10. It's the same logic as a child fearing of monsters, blankets provide you immunity from monsters, The Grue is not an exception to this rule.
  11. Raising them up is not worth the trouble, you can easily get an army of pigs to do your bidding for cheaper cost.
  12. Just kill them take their skins and build more pig houses.
  13. Well we'll see who's running away from who when I got 15 Pigs with Football Helmets at my side.