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  1. Judas Physicist

    What's your worst death?

    That roughly makes 10 years, considering Wilson is around his 30's he'd be 40 after 3600 days.
  2. Judas Physicist

    Don't Starve can be a troll some times.

    Having 1 beefalo deosn't matter much because once they enter the horny phase of their lives the map gets cluttered with beefalo. I had like 3 beefalo, after the mating season I had around 30. Then I had my treeguard kill some for me because they were cluttering my base.
  3. Judas Physicist

    I think the log suit needs a buff

    The game needs either a logsuit buff or a tier 2 armor, tier 3 being the night armor.
  4. Judas Physicist

    There WILL be blood....Pig king blood in the sea..

    Rotate your screen when giving him gifts.
  5. Judas Physicist


    Well like he said, I have no problems with spiders as I can controllably kite them but hounds are the biggest problem.I have died to them twice now, which never used to happen.
  6. Judas Physicist


    It goes down in like 4-5 spider hits.And you totally lose one during a hound attack because for whatever reason hounds no longer priotorize eating meat on the ground.It needs to be buffed imo, I haven't tried the night armor yet but I assume it was nerfed also.Either give us a tier 2 armor, or buff it a little bit so it can withstand hound attacks.
  7. Judas Physicist

    Pretty good difficulty now!

    Armor needs a buff, other than that the player nerfs were very welcome.
  8. Judas Physicist

    Rabbit traps are not working

    Happened multiple times already now.I guess I should move the traps further away from the nest entrences ?
  9. I always thought it was a reference to Fallout, where eyes are the hardest point to hit but do the most critical damage.
  10. I make the trap, rabbit gets caught, I check the trap, No rabbit and my trap percentage goes down.
  11. Judas Physicist

    Pan flute recipe too expensive!

    And give some sort of method to respawn mandrakes.
  12. Judas Physicist

    Sleeping without a fire with the straw roll

    It's the same logic as a child fearing of monsters, blankets provide you immunity from monsters, The Grue is not an exception to this rule.
  13. Judas Physicist

    Teenbird tall as a Tallbird

    Raising them up is not worth the trouble, you can easily get an army of pigs to do your bidding for cheaper cost.
  14. Judas Physicist

    Homeless pigs

    Just kill them take their skins and build more pig houses.
  15. Judas Physicist

    Walrus people (MacTusk.jpg)

    Well we'll see who's running away from who when I got 15 Pigs with Football Helmets at my side.
  16. Judas Physicist

    The tents still sucks.

    It should't fill your hunger, only heal you a minor bit and needs to be repaired after 4-5 uses.
  17. Judas Physicist

    Can you fix the koalephant hunting ?

    Yeah thank you, that's entirely my problem about it, going over water.
  18. Judas Physicist

    Can you fix the koalephant hunting ?

    It works != It works properlyI'm letting all this slide because Klei is a top notch developer and the game is in Beta state.But from what I gathered playing this game for these last few months that it needs SERIOUS AI tweakings. The current AI on the NPC's just doesn't work.
  19. Judas Physicist

    Can you fix the koalephant hunting ?

    Or I could call it Koalafil, in my native language. Names kinda depend on the language you are using.And Don't Starve deflinetly uses Twisted English.
  20. Judas Physicist

    Can you fix the koalephant hunting ?

    Here you go my great hunt for the koalephant. And the circular world is not helping either.
  21. Judas Physicist

    Can you fix the koalephant hunting ?

    Yeah I agree it should be hard but it should be possible.As of now koalephant is cheating.
  22. I've yet to catch him, I follow his tracks to the edge of an island and the tracks point to the sea, does it swim across the islands or something ? Due to this bug/feature I haven't been able to catch him yet.
  23. Judas Physicist

    AI pathfinding of creatures still not fixed?

    Or keep track of the path the pigs took and make them follow it revese to get home, make an algorithm to smooth the path so they don't go in circles ?
  24. Judas Physicist

    Best Way to Farm Honey

    I had to spend a few days just clearing the land of the killer bees.