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Allow multiple-shift bed assaignment

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There is much less of a point to multiple shifts if you can't assaign beds and mess hall tables to different dupes for each shift, this makes a lot of incredibly boring busy work or a lot of unecessary beds largely negating the point of shifts.  Please change this.

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Mhhh...i dont Really like the idea of dupes having to share beds...But

+over 9000 for shared mess hall tables! Assigned tables make me furious:wilson_ecstatic:

To return shortly to the bed topic. You could make 10 different shifts per day so 10 dupes could share 1 bed...:wilson_ecstatic:

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20 hours ago, ProfMembrane said:

This is supposed to be like a ship or submarine style living environment, it makes no sense that they can't hot-bunk for different shifts.

A captain doesnt share his berth! And my dupes didnt decide who is the captain yet.

Before we can allow dupes to share beds, we need votes for the captain of the colony.

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