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  1. 1. So I tried that, and it still didn't work, even with a line going straight from the bathroom output to the pepper plants. 2. I never had a problem with that arrangement before when it was irrigating properly, but I'll give that a try and see if ithelps What do you mean "conductive pipe"?
  2. So, I was irrigating my pincha peppers happily for a number of cycles when suddenly it just stopped flowing to them, they are not growing because of 'irrigation" and the water in the pipes isn't flowing despite double checking that the pipes are all connected. Please see accompanying images for details.
  3. So I made my first SPOM, and I'd temporarily turned off the top generator for maintenance while I re-jiggered the pipes, but it's been a few cycles, and despite having it at level 9 priority no dupe has gone to toggle it back on, it doesn't say "uneachable" so I think this is a bug.