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I want to Fix The quest.lua


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Please remember that all mods are to be used at your own risk. Klei will not be able to help you with any issues you may have with your game as a result of using a mod. Please remember that player made mods in Don't Starve are new and could cause issues with your current saved games. It is advised that you do not install game mods unless you are completely comfortable doing so.

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da hell joew

It's just a macro he set up to auto-post on new threads in the mods forum. He's just trying to make sure people are aware of their policies on modding.As for the quests.lua, why do you want that set up again? Unfortunately it's a very old script and many things have been changed in the game's code since it was in the game, so the likelihood of it being able to be "fixed" is slim to none. If you're looking for something to give you some goals to go by while playing, you should check out the Pain Randomizer. I'm sure it'll give you some nice variety in your gameplay. :)
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