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Liquified polluted oxygen counts towards oxygen produced

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Currently when looking at the reports, oxygen produced via electrolysers and deodorisers count towards oxygen production but not the oxygen produced via condensing polluted oxygen. This also causes the "insufficient oxygen production" message to appear even though the oxygen pressure is not actually dropping. Adding this would also allow us to better estimate the effectiveness of an LOX production setup.

Feedback on this suggestion is appreciated.

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I agree, it is very misleading when running a LOX (liquid oxygen) generator. Since (currently) there is no naturally occurring liquid oxygen, I would simply add these transitions to the count: O2 condensing is included in the O2 removed count, and O2 evaporated is included in the O2 added count.

Personally, I really want to know if my LOX is creating enough oxygen to replace my electrolyzers; the report function would be great to illustrate this.

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On 8/8/2018 at 11:33 AM, Kabrute said:

+1 for this and oxylite offgassing

Agreed. The first 10-20 cycles of gameplay where you still have oxylite producing oxygen but there is no danger of your dupes actually suffocating should not give the "insufficient oxygen production"  message.

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