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  1. The great hall requires a 20+ decor item, the printing pod gives 30 decor but somehow doesn't trigger the criteria.
  2. With the Night Owl trait the creativity skill displays +2 early bird instead of +3 night owl, even though the dupe doesn't have the early bird trait. On top of that the skills kindness, farming and ranching don't get any kind of boost from night owl. A reload doesn't fix this issue. In the screenshot I have multiple duplicates with night owl, all behave the same.
  3. Since the wash basin clears germs from dupes the poluted water should contain those same germs, instead there are none.
  4. I agree that it's unproductive to have a 5 cooking gastrophobe, but the OP wasn't talking about skills, just traits.
  5. This seems to only be an issue with the newer traits. I have never seen a dupe with fast learner and slow learner, so it's probably an oversight.
  6. The pump is blocked because the pipe that is connected straight to the machines is full of water. The moment the devices that they are connected to are used the pump should resume functioning. There is no reason for them to not use the devices, the pump not working is not an issue in this instance. If you are experiencing interupted function when dupes are using the shower/toilet then you are experiencing the output clogging, this is because there's only 1 tile of pipe in between 2 devices. You can't output to a full pipe, I'd suggest rerouting so there's 3 tiles of pipe between the output or spacing the devices out by 2 tiles.
  7. @Azunai333 is correct. You can't have 2 devices drain into the same pipe within 3 tiles as that will clog the pipe. If you space your toilets 2 tiles or route your pipes to be 2 tiles longer the problem you are experiencing will be fixed.
  8. I've experienced this issue with freshly printed dupes for the "first sleep" in an unasinged cot; and with a manually assigned cot for the first cycle. After the first cycle of sleeping on the floor the dupe goes to bed properly every cycle after.
  9. Dupes can still retrieve food from a ration box while it is entombed. The expected behaviour would be that dupes can't access the inventory and run the risk of starving.
  10. The Barracks criteria states that it will only form with a single bed. This is slightly misleading as the barracks will form with multiple cots placed without a problem. Rephrasing this from "Single Bed" to "Cot" brings it in line with other room criteria and removes any confusion.
  11. Currently there seems to be no cap on the skill level of the dupes. With the decor requirements rising the amount of attained stress becomes unmanageable resulting in 2 options. 1, embrace the stress, vomit and destruction. 2, kill off your dupes and get new inferior ones with lower needs. Proposed fix to above is to add a skill cap. Another proposed fix is to add diminishing returns on decor requirements. Thanks in advance.