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What status bar exists, and what their colors?

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As you can see below, bars may appear for duplicates.
I want to understand what bars can appear and what colors are they?
So far I've found the following:

  • red - for life
  • orange - progress for the analysis of volcanoes
  • violet/magenta - for oxygen (respiration)
  • blue - don't know?



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Orange is progress on any job, not just volcanoes. You can see orange bars shoot by when building tiles, for example.
Green is faith in government. If this bar empties, your duplicants will start plotting a coup against the printing pod.
Yellow is power level. If this bar fills completely they'll go supersaiyan (except for Nikola, who is always supersaiyan).
Dark Grey is demand for leather jacket. If you don't fill this bar by cycle 2000, Ruby will go on a vicious murder spree.
Magenta is occultism. Not much you can do about this one, but if you catch anyone wearing dark robes and chanting about the city of r'lyeh where dead cthulhu lies dreaming, it's probably best to start your base over.
NOTE: All of these bars are real and definately not made up. Do not question. Questioning raises the charteruse bar.

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8 minutes ago, he77789 said:

I have seen dupes out of exosuits have blue bars... they appear after I get exosuits and they accurately show their oxygen levels, not a non-existent exosuit...

Yeah i have seen those too. I always assume that was a display bug.

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4 hours ago, Argelle said:

What about the orange bar quickly filled on break? quality of life?


2 hours ago, greenpheonix632 said:

it just shows how close they are to finishing socialising

And socializing (talk with friends) or dance in phonobox is another task, that's why you see the same orange bar when they dig, construct, etc

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