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  1. Nope. I didn't even realized they were gone.
  2. The tutorial popup for duplicant temperature reffers to the thermal tolerance overlay (F4) which had been moved elsewhere. F4 is now the material overlay. See image attached.
  3. Issue is still happening at current build. Q3-321393
  4. Duplicant can have squamish trait and care interest at the same time. Attached save file. Bug Dupe Squamish Care.sav
  5. Hovering over an unskilled dupe skill shows a morale requirement that is different from the actual requirement if the skill is chosen. Here, looking at Catalina with superhard digging shows that needed morale is 1. But, looking at Camille, shows that chosing Superhard Digging would need 3 morale.
  6. Morale requirements for skills doesn't seem to match the intended description on the skill screen.
  7. I tried uploading a seed earlier and got a 500 Server error.
  8. Max here has the unconstructive trait while assigned to the mechatronic engineer job. This completely prevent him to build sweeper arms.
  9. Fridges work even if unpowered

    This issue is still happening in the live branch (Ranching Upgrade Mk I).
  10. Fridges work even if unpowered

    No, it's sandstone.
  11. Fridges cool contained food even if they are unpowered.
  12. I built a new bristle berry farm and noticed one of my pipes broke because the liquid got too cold. There is no reason why this should have happened since there is no liquid cooling machines anywhere in my base and the surrounding water pipes and the source water are all above 20 °C. Luxury Citadel.sav