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  1. The problem with the water sieve is that it's a massive newbie trap. Nowhere in the description on the machine it says that it significantly increases it's water temperature. Like Gus, I also learned about fixed outputs by reading this forum. I think it's ok if newbies lose their colonies because they built they farm next to a volcano or whatever, that's how you learn, but when the game acts behind your back and kills you with mechanic you couldn't possibly know without looking them outside of the game, well, that's just wrong. So, for those reasons, I hope fixed output machines are revisited before release. I know there are mods already that fixes these, but the mayority of new players will play without mods.
  2. Yeah, they like to run in circles when a tiny bit of oxigen moves a tile. But, seriously, build a carbon skimmer.
  3. There's a missing option: All of them!
  4. The game needs an automatic bottler and assuming sweepers support bottles, you could completely automate water delivery. This would solve this issue, at least at mid game.
  5. The metal refinery is a mid tier building, the lower tier equivalent is the rock granulator and that doesn't require any inputs other than electricity and labor. Adding gas input/outputs to the ice machine would require setting up an extra pump, vent and a way to deal with the heated gas, and at that point you are basically setting up an air conditioning system. But more interestingly, is that if the ice machine had gas inputs and outputs, then you could grab hydrogen, loop it trough the ice machine a few times and then destroy the gas in a hydrogen generator and voila, you had made a superior version of an AETN.
  6. Issue is still happening at current build. Q3-321393
  7. Duplicant can have squamish trait and care interest at the same time. Attached save file. Bug Dupe Squamish Care.sav
  8. Anyway, if anyone is still interested in the original topic, a forum user made this amazing tool: Sorry, I don't remember who made this, it was linked in the forums a while ago. It contains all critter data as well as a lot of useful info.
  9. Food poisoning is a basic diesase, and it's cured by basic medicine. Slimelung is an intermediate disease and it requires intermediate medicine. There is no severe disease at the moment.
  10. After playing a bit with this new system, I think I like it. It does need some rebalancing though, as morale management is trivial, right now.
  11. Ohh that makes perfect sense. I was wondering why it looked completely inconsistent and arbitrary.
  12. I voted that they should be gone, but I wouldn't mind if they returned assuming they get reworked. The problem is that it was trivially easy to keep diseases at bay even after exposing dupes to slimelung infested areas. Even having slimelung inside your base wasn't a big deal as long as you didn't have a lot of polluted oxygen. If they returned I would like it to work just to reduce chance of infection (but not eliminate it completely) and maybe improve the rate of healing. But to get high immunity there sould be some kind of proactive intervention form the player, like suplying food variety, vitamins and exercise to dupes.
  13. What control specifically did we lose in this update?