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Choose three duplicants to begin

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Dear ONI-Team,

your game is just amazing, I love it.
But one thing bothers me very much and that is the start of a new colony.
The menu at the beginning "Choose three duplicants to begin" lasts a very long time. It would be better if you could choose the properties yourself (of course still with negative effects, which you also have to choose)
Because in this menu I spend between 10-20 minutes on a new start, just so that I have someone to dig, build and research.

It would be really nice if you could change that.

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All new dupes are bad. I used to do the same back in the day, roll and roll and roll till i got the perfect trio, but then i stopped caring about it. I dont even care about picking a cook, farmer, researcher, miner or builder anymore, they all can do it. I just toss them into research from start, so they can get the learning bonus, change their priorities as necessary and go from there.

I would never disagree with a prepare carefully option tho, for whoever wants to use it. But as a good shooter, good medic, good grower and such are not as critical in ONI, it doesnt matter that much. If you cross train your dupes, theyll just be good at everything later on.   

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