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  1. No busted pipes whatsoever. I feel like i'm taking over the OP idea, but i really like this concept and got me hooked, so credit goes to where credit is due I simplified things a bit more, by removing the roleplay-ish clock and plate automation and replacing it with a single thermo sensor in the chamber. This is more then enough to always keep the liquid in the refinerie's coolant pipes at a safe temperature, before it flashes into sour gas. However, there is absolutely no reason to run this on a single refinery; 2 refineries can handle MORE then double the cooking load of a single one, with only very minimal changes. Or even 3, but the pipe spaghetti starts getting awkward, and there might be diminishing returns. For the matter i'd rather run 2 setups of 2 refineries each. I am absolutely sure this can be improved even further, but i'm very potato at this game and prefer the simple, low tech, easy to build approaches that can be easily implemented on a real scenario. I feel the only limitations here are dupe manpower and ore supply/demand. In this save, both the 1 and 2 refinery setups are fully up and running. Both are processing 2000g/s crude oil. To accurately compare results, it's just a matter of mopping the petroleum tanks, maybe tweak the valve flow a bit, leave the game running for a bit and see the results. refinery oil cooker v2.sav
  2. The concept works. I built my own design based on this, way more compact and low tech, something adequate to be built in a real game scenario without too much effort. The amount of oil that is dropped into the chamber is manually controlled through a valve. Flow of up to 500g look fine to maintain the temperature a bit over 400c, once everything was up to snuff and fully operational, keeping the process continuous as long as the refinery is being operated. It can go higher. The oil will always push the petroleum up, and down the shaft. That column of petroleum is permanent, and exists due to surface tension. After heating it up for the first time to 400c+, when the first bit of oil is dropped in it will form and stay there forever. The whole chamber is in a vacuum. The incoming oil will soak some of the petroleum's heat. The petroleum will still be at over 200c, so that thermal energy can be used for other things. Like melting ice cream, or boil a bit of germ infested toilet ph2o. The automation here is very simple. The clock is connected to an AND gate, the weight plate to a buffer gate and then the AND gate. The clock sets the system ready for the day, the weight plate will enable oil flow, so chamber doesn't overfill and temperatures plummet if no dupe is operating. It takes a long time to reheat the whole thing again. The plate is a point of failure, since dupes can drop stuff on it, but if there is any automation to pick up stuff it shouldn't be an issue. The alternative is a hydro sensor in the chamber, below the vent, set to 20kg or so. We don't want too much liquid there, so temperatures stay as close to 400c as possible. The thermo sensor, connected to the other valve in the middle, is there just because i used it to fill the refinery loop with petroleum. Neither are necessary. The refinery is made of ceramic, and never overheats. It stays at about 45c-ish even when being operated. The pump is made of steel, radiant pipes made of gold, and insulated pipes made of ceramic, but could get away with something else at the expense of extra heat loss. Very doable in mid game. This should be possible with 2 or more refineries, which would increase heat output and allow for higher oil flows. Save is attached if you want to have a look. The single refinery setup is operational, you shouldn't have to do anything but let the dupes do their stuff, and observe. The dual refinery is still warming up, it will take a while. When the tile below the vent is up to 420c or so, open the valve at 250g, and gradually increase the flow until the chamber temperature is stable at 420c or so. After that, shouldn't have to touch it again. Refinery oil cooker Cycle 78.sav
  3. This only happened if i actually had supplies for the sick bay, which i completely got fed up with manufacturing. Sick dupes would "eventually" go get treated, go out and get sick again after 1 or 2 cycles. It was just a waste of materials and dupe work time. Doing it on an open, walk-in sick bay provides no fine control over possible outbreak situations. You know, a lot of times i'd wish we had wall mounted deodorizers for indoors spaces. It would be so good for cleaning up po2 emitted by sick dupes, instead of having to waste a lot of space dropping them on the floor.
  4. I actually failed to notice that sleeping quarters buffs had been changed to single room only, instead of the commons we used to be able to get away with. That could certainly help reducing the amount of exposure in the case one dupe got sick. I haven't had a single exposed or sick dupe for some 40+ cycles, after i corrected all the mistakes i had made. Needless to say i won't make the same mistakes again
  5. Dont need to go very far. Fire up a test scenario in a 4 tall room, spawn a couple packets of po2 with about 1000 germs each (lowballing) and have the dupes run through them like it is a well traveled area. If they don't get exposed, then my game is broken. I am playing with normal immunity, and none of my dupes have negative immunity traits.
  6. It looked like so, yes. Even more then one. I'm fairly sure i had a situation where at least 3 got sick in the start of a new cycle, but about 3/4 had been exposed. Best is to just not take chances, and lock up all the exposed. One (or more) waking up sick will sneeze, and get a bunch others exposed as well, making the problem much worse. From now on, i will certainly build a quarantine room, instead of a simple med bay. Prevention is the best way to deal with it. Because no matter what, dupes are extremely stupid, and will screw things up sooner or later.
  7. I didn't notice how filthy things were until i used the gas overlay. That's when i realized how many po2 packets were moving around, and even pco2 in the exosuit airlock. Maybe try my solution. Build a separate bunker, with basic amenities, and lock sick or exposed dupes inside until they heal up. Don't just lock the sick, if you leave the exposed unchecked, they may wake up sick and screw everything again. Don't forget to set door permissions. You will have to manually assign a cot and a table to each resident, then reassign when they leave, unless you don't care if they eat and sleep on the floor. I stopped caring, but i'm playing with morale on normal. The silly amount of deodorizers will immediately eliminate any po2 packets as they are generated. I built mesh tiles just in case one sneaks by and goes up or down, but should not be necessary. If you want to go the extra mile and minimize sick dupe downtime, which might be considerable if you have a high turnover until all the root causes of the outbreak have been identified and dealt with (i goddam did...), you can add a second entrance with an exosuit checkpoint and dock for your doctor, then build a sick bay and store a few med packs. I would not chance the doc getting sick because he spent just a bit too long caring for patients, just adds to the number Automating food, and build sand storage also with automation would probably be a good idea, but i didn't bother with it. Maybe i should have. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Considerations: Identify and solve all the root causes that may cause another outbreak. Absolutely ban any slime, ph2o, polluted dirt or anything that can outgas po2 indoors. No dupes should ever carry any of those indoors. If you have mushrooms, make sure there is no connection to the interior, and dupes wear suits when farming. Build a few outhouses outdoors, just in case your toilets get screwed up for some reason. Keep interior air pressure between 1500g and 2000g. I'm going to be honest, dealing with this situation has been a complete pain, and 15 cycles after starting containment dupes are still getting exposed somehow. At some point i thought i had it under control... I've had to stop everything else and micro the situation, following dupes around, see what they do and spot anything i might have missed. More then a pain, it's getting aggravating :/ Hospital simulator aggravating...
  8. It didn't, in my case. I had to build a bunker for the exposed and sick, and lock them in there until i had it sorted out. Cleared the air indoors, revised some risk situations, and let them out as they got cured. Even then, some were still being exposed to slimelung, and i had to toss them back in. Took some 15ish cycles to completely get rid of it. Hopefully. I did learn a lesson from it, tho: prevention. Not having to deal with it is the better solution.
  9. I put a bit more effort into figuring all this stuff out, based on other info that was posted here, and find a reliable, simple way to contain it or deal with it once and for all. - Infected or already sick dupes should not be allowed to share the same living space as healthy dupes in any way. Infected may get sick, and sick will emit packets of polluted o2 with germs that will infect other dupes. - Vitamin chews, immuno boosters and med packs are, imo, a complete waste of time and effort. As long as infected dupes share the same space, it will always be a vicious cycle. I did a little experiment where i built an isolated quarantine dungeon, with amenities, food, decor, all that stuff. Not a med bay room, it wouldn't make sense in this context, as i was not intending to cure them. At the start of this experiment, i only had 3 sick dupes, and no dupes that had been exposed to germs; picked all 3 sick dupes and tossed them in there. Any dupes that had been exposed would have been tossed in as well. Then just waited for them to get cured. As they did, i immediately kicked them out of quarantine. In the meanwhile, i deleted all the infected polluted o2 packets indoors so no one else would get sick. This would have been the ideal scenario where prevention would have been strictly enforced since very early on, having a completely germ free atmosphere indoors (which i thought i did in the op, and was completely wrong because i was silly and didn't properly use the gas overlay) Based on this, enforcing strict quarantine and isolation, instead of employing prevention and cures, seems to be the best course of action from very early game. This may significantly reduce the chances of outbreaks or maybe even eliminate the problem completely (still has to be verified) after exosuits are employed. It will slow down all the work that has to be done, but sick dupes are not very productive anyways, and the problem will not go away by itself. Note: all this is based on the "no one goes outside without an exosuit" rule. If you let your dupes out in the wild in their underwear, maybe this does not apply ---------------------------------------- TLDR: consider slimelung as a zombie outbreak. If they get infected or are already sick, lock em up tight until they heal or die. Outside of the main colony. No exceptions. And forget about snake oil cures. I believe the above is a good way to deal with it.
  10. I am guessing that being "exposed" can be verified as if they currently have surface germs on them?
  11. Good explanation, thanks. The exosuit docks are the point of infection, then. It's the only place, indoors, with traces of germs in the air. Think i can see what Klei are trying to achieve here, promoting the use of germ sensors, vitamin chews and immuno boosters, but the system does need some work. I don't think most of us will put the effort in churning out those 2, plus medicine packs. I mean, churning out vitamins, having dupes infected, curing them with med packs just for them to possibly become infected again the next couple cycles doesn't seem very reasonable. Not even mentioning medicine vials, the sun nymph egg requirements for it is like something out of the twilight zone. Who the heck thought of that stuff? Guess i'll try some stuff, now that i have a better understand of the current mechanics.
  12. According to the description, it's only "germ filled polluted oxygen". This is why i'm asking around here if there is something hidden in the game code which triggers slimelung infection in any other way, such as traces of slimelung in the exosuit airlock oxygen atmosphere, or contact with solids, which will most certainly happen no matter what. Mere observation doesn't seem to be the best way to determine the how. As far as i can remember, before the recent-ish disease revamp, once we had exosuits, the chances of having dupes infected with slimelung was pretty much 0. So something else changed. Maybe someone put a . instead of a , somewhere in the code If the answer is no, then... well, the picture above still applies. "Klei, you've done it again!" But we still love your game.
  13. So this will just make it very hard to pinpoint exactly where they got it from...? Ugh