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how was the game made?

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The engine is written in C/C++ with scripting in Lua and utilities in C++/Lua/Python, all of which have free versions.

Figured, where does the C part come in? Is it because you are using LUA? Or does the Engine actually some C-style code?My question is, how is the Lua system built? Because you have made it very flexible, do you load several Script files at once and call specific functions or do you use one file ( Main.lua ) for example and let that file call other files/functions.How are you doing the Lua-bindings, are you using any 3rd party libraries like tolua++ or luna, or are you write ting your own binding objects as for example: luaCreateNewEntity() that's basically a wrapper around createNewEntity()? ( A common way to bind lua objects ), are you doing this for ALL objects ( I'm suspecting metaprogramming/templating ) or just a few.
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