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  1. Until we get time to add the functionality to the mod uploader you can use the following to get your file back: If you subscribe to the file on steam then it will get downloaded to your steam apps workshop content directory. Something like; SteamApps\workshop\content\457140\<Some number>\<Some really long number>_legacy.bin You can make a copy of that file and rename the .bin --> .zip Inside will be the strings.po file.
  2. Dupe-A-Day!

    Waaah! So good! Thanks @Savin!!!
  3. Havent managed to get the Thai glyphs in yet but did manage to fix a few bugs with the uploader and make the utf8 text readable.
  4. Polish letters

    Could you please attach the output log from after a crash? Thanks! Alia OUTPUT LOG In order to find your game's output_log.txt file: - Right click on Oxygen Not Included on your game library > Properties > Local Files - Click on Browse Local Files - The file will be located in SteamApps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt
  5. have u seen my son


  6. Your robot, where did it go!?

    1. Alia


      It'll come back again :)

  7. [MENTION=47269]HappyMaestro[/MENTION] I haven't been able to reproduce your problem yet. :(We tried on every configuration we have: * Windows XP (with below spec video card) * Windows 7 * Windows 8If anyone else can reproduce this please let us know so we can address this as soon as possible.Thanks,A.
  8. [MENTION=47269]HappyMaestro[/MENTION] thanks for the screen shot.. can you please attach your save file and I will try to repro the issue here.Cheers,Alia
  9. If you are in chrome, I am working on a fix for the lag at the moment. I thought I had it but its being recalcitrant.
  10. Not yet, its on the list.
  11. Hotfix is live: [*]Fix for some older integrated video cards [*]Fix for luaplant crash [*]Fix for bug with red amulet trying to heal user while at full health. [*]Fix woodie hud transition bug [*]Fix for wx78 overcharge sound getting stuck [*](Mods) Allow setting atlases for ingredients [*]Added cave entrance option to world gen screen
  12. Hiyas! Another day, another build means more fixes and improvements... Good times ahead. As usual let us know what works and what doesn't. Instructions for switching branches: [*]Right click on Don't Starve in your steam library [*]Go to the betas tab [*]Select "publicpreview" to play the current testing branch. There is no password. If you don't see that branch listed, it means that we aren't currently running a public test. [*]To get back to the normal version, select "NONE" - this will happen automatically for you when we shut down the preview (You may need to restart steam for your changes to take effect.) Changelist 80461: Improvements: [*]Animate status icons when wx levels up [*]More abigail flower text [*]Abigail flower charges a bit faster [*]Rename coloured feathers now that they come from multiple birds [*]Living logs scream when eaten [*]'Birds of the world' is more expensive to build and costs more sanity to read [*]Lureplants cause some spoilage when they eat perishable items [*]Added some woodie sounds and pengul splash, more beaver eat/attack/chop sounds [*]Beaver cant read maps but can eat cutgrass [*]Digging up a grave doesn't pop the item into your inventory automatically [*]Upgrades to the penguin to make it more ...'penguiney'. Mods: [*]Mods can now specify a "priority" which affects loading order. [*]Warning screen only shows up for enabled mods now. Also, the "no way" button disables mods instead of quitting the game. Bugfixes: [*]Removed broken stairs to level 2 [*]Fixed Abigail duplication exploit in caves [*]Fix woodie/beaver start in cave crash [*]Custom character portraits now load correctly from atlases. [*]Fix issues with roads rendering differently from how the world generation system uses them