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  1. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Note: to Thanks for the help, bug should be fixed next time we push. Thanks for the help, bug should be fixed next time we push.
  2. Until we get time to add the functionality to the mod uploader you can use the following to get your file back: If you subscribe to the file on steam then it will get downloaded to your steam apps workshop content directory. Something like; SteamApps\workshop\content\457140\<Some number>\<Some really long number>_legacy.bin You can make a copy of that file and rename the .bin --> .zip Inside will be the strings.po file.
  3. Waaah! So good! Thanks @Savin!!!
  4. Havent managed to get the Thai glyphs in yet but did manage to fix a few bugs with the uploader and make the utf8 text readable.
  5. Could you please attach the output log from after a crash? Thanks! Alia OUTPUT LOG In order to find your game's output_log.txt file: - Right click on Oxygen Not Included on your game library > Properties > Local Files - Click on Browse Local Files - The file will be located in SteamApps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt
  6. have u seen my son


  7. Your robot, where did it go!?

    1. Alia


      It'll come back again :)

  8. Heh, that would be my 3l33t art skillz ;P
  9. Keep up the great stories! Its great to hear the different experiences... Entertaining and very helpful.
  10. Nice, how long have you been alive there? I was expecting to have to make that one easier - but if its too easy...
  11. Well... someone has a sick sense of humor Awesome little story + rant!