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[Game Update] - 276243

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Detailed Patch Notes
Released Wholesale World including 6 new courses, collectable cards, and 3 pogo trials
40 New Items added, including 4 new emotes
Fixed initial selected button highlighting with gamepads
Fixed a bunch of lobster traps in school
Collision updates in school to fix out of bound exploits
Fixed checkpoint exploit in the “Intro” level
Make first fan graffiti of school more clearly describe how to navigate the fans
Online players now cause lava splashes
Your velocity is now maintained when spectating and then leaving spectate mode
Fixed startup hang due to antivirus blocking access to Documents
Better bug reports for modkit levels
Made sticker unlocks look better more like actual stickers (higher quality)
Better lighting on all item unlocks
Fix sticker menu being visible when paused
Updated Trial activation logic to perform a visibility raycast

Community Spotlight
"Castle" custom map by Extenzb3fdf00a7fab8fb9e12aee21a4ddac672024ef9b

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