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Power Station Question

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I require knowledge of a certain variety, When a dupe creates an upgrade for a generator, can this be;

  • Used in another room that does not have the Power Plant Station?
  • Stored?

Reason i'm asking is all of my generators inside my base are on a 3 tile high area, but the station is 4 tiles high! So I cannot build it with my power gens. 

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It's a bit wonky.  Yes, you can use one power station to manufacture the chip, but the other room has to have it's own power station to be recognized as a receiver for it.  I've had different settings on two different power stations to notice this.

So, yes, you can, but you still need a power station for each room that the generators you want to tune up are in.

And no, they don't store well, similar to micro-fertilizers on farmers.

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4 minutes ago, AndreyKl said:

How much more power generator produces if chip was applied?

How long does the chip lasts?

Does this increase fuel consumption and 'output' production (like CO2 from coal generator)?

Does skill of the dupe affect chips in any way?

1. 50% more power

2. 3 cycles

3. No, just power produced

4. Probably higher skill means faster for them to apply the chip. But the end result still same

It is much more affordable now, since refined metal is abundant from the sky.

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1 hour ago, Grimgaw said:

Gotta be extra space efficient on your huge map, right?

Hahaha nooooo I just like it because it fits into the area of my base and squares it off XD If i suddenly have to add extra height then it will look odd. To me at least. 

I might extend it more horizontally so that it expands the full length of my storage chambers. I have not bothered to tinker with it yet as I got really busy creating a ranching design and building a bunch of them. Finally using shipping and tubes! I am now in the 21st century

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Btw, try not to place station near doors. This is my mistake in current NGG. When dupe can reach microchip and need a pee, they will drop it outside power plant. Fortunately, it is an easy fix in my case, just needs to move the door upstairs.


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