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[Game Update] - 275632

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Hi! Great update but I have small problem with leaderboard now. On Opera browser new table with more leaderboards looks like this:



But on Chrome browser it looks normal:



Additionally "Fasters teams" should sort by duration, shouldn't? Becase now with scores looks funny. :D And in my opinion "20 or less offerings" should sort by the dishes count not scores.

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On 6/29/2018 at 2:49 PM, V2C said:
  • Added leaderboards for fastest teams and best scores with 20 or less sacrifices made.

The scorboards are all messed up.  Ive beaten many of the times and scores in place prior to July 1st and I thought the boards wasn't updating but there are July 1st scores on there.  Im sure Im not the only one either

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