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Lore question

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As a Woodie main I can say while you can get a lot out of his dialogue (like that fact that he once worked in a lumber camp) Wilson & Maxwell are really the only characters with real lore behind them for now I'm afraid :/

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There are fan-theories that possibly Winona might've known him/worked with him at one point, since Charlie mentions her sister "up in British Columbia" in a letter somewhere in one of the puzzles, and now we've met her sister...unless there's another one.  (I can see Winona travelling around to wherever the work is, to make ends meet.)

Also all kinds of speculation about Lucy, most of which agree that she used to be a real person of some kind. Whether her soul is bound into his axe like in "Transistor" (with the sword), or Lucy was his former girlfriend, or someone he killed and is now haunted by their voice forever, or a total clingy yandere type who wouldn't leave him _even in death_ (that's my favourite) most fans seem to agree that Lucy's voice and personality used to belong to a human.  But what the heck happened and what her relationship with Woodie was, we don't know--but she does seem worried about his welfare, at least when's not all "KILL THE TREES!  I FEEL ALIVE!  WHEEEE!" And she PANICS out if she's away from him for all of two seconds...

Bear in mind, in Together the other characters CAN hear her, so that kinda tosses the "it's all in his head" theory out the window.  So Lucy probably _is_ real.  Beyond that, and the implication that whatever happened was probably sad and/or dark in some way, we don't know.


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