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Geysers and vulcanos ruin base planning

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Now base building/planning feels kinda random instead of actual planning because some of them don't generate at all

There are other reasons as well that I might've forgot

Either this Geysers or Vulcanos situation needs fixing or we need buildings to overcome lack of their existence in map 

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There are still geysers with constant output (as stated on the stream: all geysers from before the update, all of which are guaranteed to spawn).

The new geysers are still perfectly plannable, but they require more careful planing.

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1 hour ago, Coolthulhu said:

Are there guaranteed geysers for necessary materials to survive (ie. water in sensible amounts) or are there possible worlds which have to rely on mass egg farming for sustainability?

The guaranteed geysers - from what i understood - are:

water (steam), ng, chlorine. (same as before the update)


But i am sure you find it in more accuracy in the world gen generator files.


On top of these there are the new - more variable - geysers, which are active in intervals. While there might be edge cases, where you are left without a certain material in the lategame, it is certainly _more_ than before the update.

I am yet to discover an entire map under the new update, but so far i have reached 4 (non-guaranteed) geysers: cool water, NG, chlorine (i consider this a blank) and p-o2.

Unfortunately i am still relying on eggs, but since there should be almost 20 more geysers on the map, i am positive that there is room for improvement still.


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1 hour ago, Coolthulhu said:

Random geyser selection with no balancing is neither fun nor interesting.

That's a good question (now it is one) ^^
It's possible to play it in many ways. For sure it hurts, when updates changes things, but so far new geysers/volcanos are fine for me.
So far i like the changes, played in survival, had a gold volcano (covered) in starterbiome. Two hot water geysers too.
I had many times, to rebuild/change my mind with stuff, but i like it.
Have you ever tried to feed your dupes, with the natural grown plants?
With geysers it's the same. Optimal way is to cook NG in most cases, because of polluted water and O².
When you have any hot geyser on the map it's fine, for most playstyles.
I have unused water geysers and untouched gold volcano.
One interesting thing is, how the player choose to play oni. Add many dupes at beginning, feeding bad food, or running with few ?

I am around cycle 400 with 5 dupes and most times, more then one is idle. No farm/plantbox built. Map feeds them with pepper bread no showers, no tables only cots but exos.
One thing ONI is still missing, some sort of objective and then we will see how things come together.
I bet in the end Klei is doing similar setting/selection screen, like in DS.

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