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  1. I never used them... I can't a reason I would need them when I've ladders
  2. I had this I bought more Ram from 16GB to 64GB and it looks like... it was some kind of memory leak...
  3. I can't help but check once in a while... There isn't as good as of sim with this cute art-style that could replace Oni... I think they are just being hard at work with performance issues so we get smooth speed up...
  4. Title says it all, a sensor which detect how much of material is inside the pipes or on the conveyor belt it would be useful if using one pump for example making a loop which would send 1kg of gas with automation instead of continuous 500g
  5. Save anything? Windows crash dump?
  6. Nothing else to say besides its annoying
  7. Did you verify the game files via steam?
  8. Please upload save. Also are you building them with priority 8? because if so they will auto set back to 5 upon build
  9. Yep same here, I had no issues with them being invisible before any patch