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  1. Now base building/planning feels kinda random instead of actual planning because some of them don't generate at all There are other reasons as well that I might've forgot Either this Geysers or Vulcanos situation needs fixing or we need buildings to overcome lack of their existence in map
  2. [Game Update] - 260525

    I knew that wheezies were destroying gas in my sleet farm!
  3. @Lutzkhie Please upload log located in game's folder and also any additional logs so devs would fix this faster
  4. Save would really help to bust this if this is a bug or not I've never experienced this behavior from dupes they always kept themselves away from doors that permission was disallowed unless the door was in pernament open state then permissions are ignored
  5. Perhaps it has to do with new priority thing mess around with them
  6. Refinied metal crusher

    Yeah but I don't see it happening any time soon since refined metal is so quite long in the game
  7. Yeah they consume resources when their conditions aren't met just like some electrical buildings draining power I don't know if this is a feature or not
  8. The building would crush refined metal back to metal ore This idea came from that the volcano emit refined metal
  9. When you set follow cam on dupe he gets -5% stress/cycle
  10. Well I was about to ask if that worked... Anyway I think doors are more reliable than just digging up tiles
  11. So open doors don't conduct heat? if void is present
  12. I don't think heat is such big of a deal in early game I started to have problems around cycle 150 but I dig myself some wheezeworts early and I don't need to worry Bigger problem is the new geysers especially the steam ones
  13. Yeah mostly miners I wish we could get better decor clothing
  14. Copy game into different folder outside steam library and it probably won't update it since it only checks the library to update