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Urgent map seed request!

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I need a seed with copper volcano no other requirements but don't tell me where it is or how map looks just the number please, for my gratitude I will find you map you need as well.


I already have one seed with copper volcano but I don't wanna play this map because I know where it is now. :(

Here it is: not mentioning water/NG or chlorine since they're there.

1853975895 - copper

1853975896 - iron, magma, hydrogen

1853975897 - oil, copper,H,CO2

1853975898 - volcano,minor volcano,gold

1853975899 - slush, oil, minor volcano,iron (oh this one IS an oil driller treat!)

1853975900 - 3x hydrogen 3x NG, PW, W, CO2

1853975901 - Cl, 2x Fe, Au, Oil, 2x PW, Volcano

1853975902 - avoid like plague! gold at spawn (2x Au), 71g/s water, CO2, Cl,

1853975903 - 2x Cu, 3x H, Polluted O2 500C, Infected O2 (slimelung), Slush, Cl

1853975904 - Slush, 2x Fe, Au, PW, CO2,

1853975905 - Hot steam at staggering 37g/s, Cu, Au, CO2, hot CO2, Slush 18kg/s every almost NEVER, 2x W,

1853975906 - Volcano, Cl, Slush, Minor Volcano, Slimelung O2, W,

1853975907 - Slush, PW, 2x Cu, Fe, W,

1853975908 - 2x CO2, 2x Volcano, PW, Slush,

1853975909 - 2x Fe, 1x Cu, Hot CO2, 2x CO2, PO2, Steam,

1853975910 - 2x Steam, Fe, Cu, H,

0 - CO2, 3x HPO2, Slush, Au, Cl, Hot CO2,

256033510 - 2x Cl, Oil, Minor Volcano, Au, H, Slush,

9001 - Au, Fe, 2x W, Cl, Hot PO2, 2x H,

666666 - W, 3x NG, 2x slush, Cl, Infected O2, Cu, Oil,

696969 - Volcano, 2x Minor Volcano, PW, H,

300300300 - Minor Volcano, 2x PW, Hot PO2, Au, 2x Cl,

1073741824 - Slush, 3x Cl, H, Au,

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I found a ridiculously lucky seed.



Two entropy machines next to a water/NG geyser, and then a pretty much pre-made oil breaker setup. Seed: 2025515713

Course the Output of the iron volcano is pitiful at something like 35s/588s and 11kg/s, but all that means is that i probably wont do a fancy water boiler in adition to it. (or have to dig up the second one. *shrug*)


Total geysers: 3 steam, 2 NG, 1 water, 1 PO, 2 Iron.

All of them more or less clustered, except for the second iron one that is somewhat out of the way.

No idea how i am going to conduct the heat to the oil yet, but those are all problems for future me. For now, the plan is to establish a NGG power plant that, much like my puft farm is going to be complicated enough to drive wiley coyote raving mad, for no practical reasons whatsoever.


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On 3/24/2018 at 7:20 PM, kmk777 said:

Seed 320157516 has 2 gold volcano/ 1 copper volcano/ 1 iron volcano/ 2 natural gas/ 2 cool steam / 1 magma valcano 

Found 1 hydrogen volcano 10 things so far good map 

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On 3/26/2018 at 5:31 PM, cpy said:

That seed is worth every penny! :D

I found a better one if you are interested

TWO copper volcanoes and a gold one

3 natural gas geysers good for power generation

and in addition to the 2 cool steam geysers there is also a water geyser so running low on water won't be an issue 


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1 hour ago, Neotuck said:

I found a better one if you are interested

Ok sounds good but did you find last one on purpose with hiding copper one as far as possible from me? :D

How much water are we talking about? :D

Besides I'm done with copper volcanoes, i'm going to try iron/gold next. Last one you gave me had epic oil one and epic fail water one, but damn there is iron gold and copper!



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