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So I was playing Don't Starve the other day and finally after 3 days search I found a savannah biome with Beefaloes. I noticed that the night was closing in on me and I was too far away from home to make it back so I made a simple camp fire surrounded by the Beefaloes. I thought: ''Man this is an awesome spot surrounded by all these giant animals'' That's until I heard a sound from nearby Hounds, infact circling around me and my little fire. I started to panic a little since I had nothing to defend myself with (I just returned to the game and got so obsessed with building walls). Suddenly the 2 Hounds charged at me and I was ready to fight for my life when they were close enough to attack me they just fell to ground and started... sleeping. I don't know if this is something that needs to be fixed or anything like that. I just found it really strange. Sorry if this thread is ****, it's actually the first time I care to post at a forum :p

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Yea that happens. oh by the way, if you run in circles (wide circles) around your camp fire, the hounds attack animation wont go fast enough to hit you (same as if you run in a straight line).The best way to deal with hounds is to run through a cluster of beefalo. The hounds will get distracted and attack other animals besides you. If you run through beefalo enough then they will attack them and the herd will kill them. I've never found it a great idea to get my own hands dirty with hound slaying, I prefer to let bobby my friendly tree guard deal with them, or if i'm in the plains, a beefalo herd. Either way its safer and more efficient. (and sometimes you can get double loot from it, hound and beefalo).Hope this helped a little. Have fun surviving.

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