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  1. Who ever can defeat this near-invincible monster with no weapons or tools equipped, the win a cookie. Also no armor. Or pigs. You must punch it to death for the cookie.
  2. Kevin said the penguins are coming in a later update. I'm not sure about the snowmen though.
  3. Burn it! Burn it with fire! - - - Updated - - - Where is his cookie? He deserves a cookie!
  4. I have a mod for Don't Starve called Testing Tools, which lets me spawn in anything anytime. 90% of the time, I spawn in 50 pigs and give them all hats. I give about half of them Top hats, a quarter of them feather hats, and a quarter of them berry hats. What would you do if you were to give them all hats? - - - Updated - - - Oh wow i"m an idiot. Link to the mod: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?9232-Testing-Tools-Cheat-Keys
  5. I put the Bush Hat on pigs so they have an afro, but I like the Winter Hat and Feather Hat for my character.
  6. There are only 4 per world, so very rare. They restore all your health and hunger (Unless you are Wolfgang).
  7. Max, probably like Maxwell even though everyone knows this by now.
  8. I've only seen one Beefalo herd since the new update. I think they are a lot less common now, at least I haven't found a lot of them.
  9. Really? That happened to me too! I had unlocked everyone except Wickerbottom before the update, but after the update I unlocked Wickerbottom and Wes!
  10. Yeah, Wes has 25% less health and damage. Wolfgang is too easy I think, but It takes new people a while to unlock, so I think its fair.
  11. So, my friend told me a few things about Wolfgang, and how powerful he is. He said: "Hey, I was playing Don't Starve yesterday and found out a secret, Wolfgang can eat really fast when you drag the food over to him, and he can kill spiders in 5 hits without a weapon"! So naturally I tried this out when I got home. For those of you who don't know, he does 1.5x normal damage which means 15 punching damage. So he does kill a spider in 5 hits. Also, I tried the click and drag food thing with petals, and it worked! I don't know if this works for every character, or just Wolfgang. Can someone test it for me? Thanks everyone!Note: Wolfgang kills frogs in 2 hits, spiders in 5, pigs in 10, tall birds in 16? and beefalo in about 25.
  12. I know a russian person name wolfgang. Maybe his mom was russian but his dad was german. Or something like that....
  13. Woah day 3? Talk about bad luck. Im suprised the beefaloes didn't defend you, they usually do. Try to get hounds near pigs and beefaloes, its a death sentence for hounds and you might get some meat from the pigs/beefaloes.
  14. I like the webbing. Its a good fuel, and is worth alot of research points, for whoever still uses the old system.