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  1. So I was playing Don't Starve the other day and finally after 3 days search I found a savannah biome with Beefaloes. I noticed that the night was closing in on me and I was too far away from home to make it back so I made a simple camp fire surrounded by the Beefaloes. I thought: ''Man this is an awesome spot surrounded by all these giant animals'' That's until I heard a sound from nearby Hounds, infact circling around me and my little fire. I started to panic a little since I had nothing to defend myself with (I just returned to the game and got so obsessed with building walls). Suddenly the 2 Hounds charged at me and I was ready to fight for my life when they were close enough to attack me they just fell to ground and started... sleeping. I don't know if this is something that needs to be fixed or anything like that. I just found it really strange. Sorry if this thread is ****, it's actually the first time I care to post at a forum