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  1. Trolls

    Here's some things i've seen with greifers on my time playing DST. no solutions, just some problem's ive seen 1) Scorched earth Someone will get on with a 'willow' character and proceed to either burn down everything, or will systematically search for and burn every berry bush they can get their hands on.Large forests are particularly prime targets.2) The troll thieves: Someone will wander into my base and take all my food, or steal all my stuff before hopping out of the server. Though it hasn't happened to me personally, i've seen people also burn down tree/bush farms, and steal farm food/everything in the icebox before leaving. 3) Roving Killers Someone who just jumps on a PvP server to try to kill as many people as possible before being taken down. Not making a judgment call here, but this is some of the stuff that happens.
  2. True LAN Coop - Proposition

    you sir are my hero, please please please please keep being awesome.
  3. Don't Starve memes/ragecomics/ect ect ect

    Exactly. Besides people often confuse sense (or the idea of something making sense) with logic.
  4. i'll join. I'll take the free shirt too, but don't need it.Just make him spawn a ton more in game, he's fun to fight.
  5. Character ability balance

    forum resurrection, fun isn't it?Then again glad you semi agree with me. I am curious as to how you feel about the current state of the characters.
  6. Next update...

    i could really use my game fixed. it's still broken since the last update :apologetic:I would love to see some more cave stuff though. Wilson rework would be nice, maybe a separate amulet/armor slot (Finally) for characters.
  7. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

  8. Who created WX-78?

    I did.
  9. Forum Needs More Moderators.

    I also see tall bird numbers (aka, 366107044) and battal on alot, and they seem to be relatively chilled out. why not them as mods?
  10. Forum Needs More Moderators.

    i'll also do it, but I have this annoying tendency to both speak my mind and to be the only person who agrees with me. So it gets me into trouble sometimes.
  11. A challenge character.

  12. Character ability balance

    OK how on earth did that little baby thing pop up, and how do i get it off? it looks weird.Nvm gone now, how do delete this post???
  13. Character ability balance

    I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with you. I agree in the sense that I do not believe these characters to be balanced. In this I agree wholeheartedly, the game has merely nurfed its old overpowered characters into oblivion and raised up a new set of overpowered's to take their place.That being said, i'm not quite sure I agree with your statements of who these new OP's are. For instance I believe WX78 to be among the top contenders, if not the top contender, along with Wickerbottom for the newly vacant crown of "The Easy Mode King/Queen." His ability build up to insane amounts of health and hunger, along with his ability to heal + move speed buff from lightning and eat spoiled food makes him very very strong. His only "drawback" is that he has low stats early in the game. You know that time when nothings trying to kill you and its summer? And Wickerbottom is just plain cool with her magic spell books. I mean she gets a panflute for hardly any cost at all! (compared to a regular panflute which requires the rare and extremely valuable mandrake). Plus she can craft armor, spears, and other useful items right off the bat without any machines, meaning you can wander longer and survive on less. And lets not count out the often unappreciated Willow, she's still very viable, especially in hardcore modes such as long night, all night, long winter, lots spiders, etc.As for wilson, No I don't believe he is all that overpowered, as you can merely fiddle around with beardlings as other characters to get hair and an effigy. In terms of Wilson's unique abilities all he has going for him is a cold resistance buff when he grows a beard which, while nice, hardly fits with his original design and concept as a gentleman scientist.I'm of the persuasion that he's in desperate need of a rework, but sadly *sigh* i'm in the vast minority in this case.If your super concerned about this issue, there is apparently going to be another rework or rebalance sometime. Ive heard rumors about it anyway. I only hope that the Devs will be able to balance these characters without excessive buff/nurfs that will ruin their 'fun' factor in the process.
  14. Multiplayer?

    I agree with you. Multiplayer would be cool. But don't expect to get any help on these forms, here there be monsters.
  15. Show us your camp!

    weird, sorry man, i'll try again hold on....and my panic room