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Found 25 results

  1. Been a long time since I actually settled down to play this game for a respectable amount of time and I just hit summer on day 56 (I think.) Hounds are looming and I have yet to re enter my game because I had to stop playing about when I heard barking. Curious as to see what your guys' strategies are when fighting hound attacks that are too numerous to kite? Also, the possibility of overheating is there as well. I could wear my Eyebrella but then I would be missing out on some juicy damage absorption from my football helmet.
  2. Hey guys, just posting this to make for all you guys that think Don't Starve isn't hard enough, or just want a challenge, the site is It gives you random cards and you must follow what it tells you to do! You can also find a video on discussing in depth what it does here and when you are there check out his Don't Stave lets plays! Have fun, and good luck :3
  3. Hounds Challenge

    I decided to created a new world and increase the number of hounds because who doesn't love hounds?Hounds Round 1: http-~~-// Full playlist:
  4. We need a Horror mod. Put all the scary stuff in one mod.Necromancy is easy.
  5. As a kid i have always wanted to do something to do with games. Well here is my chance. This video has already had a very posotive feedback. So please check it out!
  6. This is an Idea I came up for Hounds/Frost Hounds, In which the player may run across "Hound camps" (I imagine something similar to running across spider nests), giving the player the ability if geared properly attack and destroy the hound camp, halting the Hound's attacks for x amount of days, also having read many thoughts on Hound pets perhaps the ability to steal Hound pups/eggs and taming the young Hounds into pets/hunters. This is Just another one of my Ideas so let me know what you think.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73779 Issue title Wilson walks away from Maxwell in the intro scene. Steps to reproduce Create a new world. Click ok when the ready to play menu comes up. Randomly, Wilson will walk away from Maxwell, fall to the ground, then wake up. Describe your issue So i was making a new world after dying to the Deerclops (Nice job guys! That thing smashed down my camp then me!), suddenly i see that in the intro scene suddenly Wilson walked away in a random direction away from Maxwell, around half the screen, Maxwell will keep talking and he will turn around too, then after Maxwell's done talking, Wilson will suddenly be on the ground then he will wake up as usual. I have seen this happen 3 times so far. One was because i spawned where a tree would be, and the others random.
  8. First I would like to thank the Devs for updating the game. It's the thought that counts. Sanity is rather interesting and made it slightly more realistic but it made the game a lot less fun. Instead of modifying a major gameplay aspect, the game is still starved of real content. Although much less fun, the Devs need to make the grind of adding more content similar to what we have. More monsters, biomes, tools, weapons, traps, resource nodes, maybe even small "dungeons". Some examples would be obsidian, working similar to flint but stronger; fruit trees that drop fruit; a desert biome with cacti or buzzards; iron ore for making some things like science machines or a certain type of tool, or possibly weapons. As far as I can tell I permanently screwed up the poll so post whether you support: [*]Staying Insane [*]Keeping Sanity but getting more updates similar to what I suggested. [*]Getting rid of Insanity.
  9. I still am a strong proponent for Conversion Darts
  10. Since Winter is supposedly the next big update, I was thinking that it would be really cool if there was some way to domesticate some hounds, and build yourself a sleigh for fast travel during the winter.I think this would be a really cool mechanic, considering there is nothing in the game that you can build to make exploring easier, and it fits the theme of the season, and the game. All the details of how this can work can be left to the devs, but it could require feeding the hounds regularly, it could take damage from mobs, could require 2 or 4 hounds to pull.What does everyone else think?
  11. I had this idea right now, what if we can get a shovel and dig randomly somewhere in the ground a hole. After some time rabbits come to populate it?
  12. So I was playing Don't Starve the other day and finally after 3 days search I found a savannah biome with Beefaloes. I noticed that the night was closing in on me and I was too far away from home to make it back so I made a simple camp fire surrounded by the Beefaloes. I thought: ''Man this is an awesome spot surrounded by all these giant animals'' That's until I heard a sound from nearby Hounds, infact circling around me and my little fire. I started to panic a little since I had nothing to defend myself with (I just returned to the game and got so obsessed with building walls). Suddenly the 2 Hounds charged at me and I was ready to fight for my life when they were close enough to attack me they just fell to ground and started... sleeping. I don't know if this is something that needs to be fixed or anything like that. I just found it really strange. Sorry if this thread is ****, it's actually the first time I care to post at a forum
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71214 Issue title Spider horde. oh god oh god. Steps to reproduce nothing. Trust me i didn't want this Describe your issue I don't know if this is some glitch or what, but a few of the spider queens in my game have not gone back into the ground dispite me leaving them alone for some time. I wouldn't mind, only they have continued to pop out spiders and spider warriors, so now there is a about 20-40 spiders following around the queen in one giant evil spider cloud, lost 2 meat effigies just trying to get around them. Trust me its not fun, I'm trying to get enough stuff to build a tree/bee mine/tooth trap wall worthy of game of thrones to seal off my land in the south.
  14. Welcome people! This thread is all about my animation I'm currently doing for Naipseht. Its about Wilson being hunted by some hounds, disturbing is peaceful day at the plains. I'm starting this because I'm not shure if I'm gonna make it in the time Naipseth gave me, or if I have the endurance for it. However, I'm going to submit my process here for other people who maybe want to take my 2D models (BUT GIVE ME CREDIT, PLEASE) or give me tips in Flash and maybe even their drawings (like backrounds e.g.). The music will be done by Naipseth, who asked for an animator doing the animation for them. It all will be uploaded on my channel. Thank you for reading, Germolin
  15. so i dont know if this is a glitch or not has been implenmanted yet but i have fought some hell hounds in my fort to my surprise the tooth traps didnt go off . image of hounds going threw tooth traps with ease
  16. Hey just wondering if anyone would like to trade an extra Don't Starve key they have for my Dota 2s and items within my inventory. I think one of the TF 2 hats is rare I'm not sure. I'm really obsessed with watching videos of this game and have been in love with the look of it since I first saw it ! :3 I can't wait to pick this game up but unless I can trade for it I'll probably wait till my birthday which is fine but patience is not my strong suit. Anyway if you want to trade add me on steam or something and it'll make my christmas ! Steam ID Or if you just want to talk about games or play something on my playlist hit me up. The community here is full of nice people (Btw im just a lurker on the forums)
  17. I know there already are comments about the Hounds, but I just got fed up with the Hounds coming at the night and leaving me no time to look for the spear, logsuit or torch. I have died so many times because of them that I just don't feel like playing anymore. I guess no one else is bothered by this, or then they just can somehow deal with it, well, I can't I am I not gonna waste any more hours just to be easily killed by those Hounds. Guess the game is just too hard for me. Yah. I liked the game otherwise. Just to let the makers know another opinion x)
  18. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Codes In-Screen? Steps to reproduce I was playing and they appeared without known provocation. Describe your issue ^picture. (It will be taken down after 3 days due to temporary upload)
  19. if you get near any of these caves 5hounds will come then 3 then 0 (they will respawn over time like the pigs) every 20 seconds they come out of the cave if your close enough the only way to destroy a cave is by using a pickaxe when destroyed yields 8rocks 8flint 3hound teeth (can only be found in rocky terrain)
  20. I love this game, so I used Google translate specifically to feedback my opinion, if the syntax is very strange, do not laugh at me. I pre-ordered from the test the first version of this game, because it is to like klei before the shank. In several versions of the early years, when I encountered fog often a little cards, but it does not affect my actual experience, but in recent versions I encountered fog often skip frames. Game where normal operation, but I do not see, I can only see the general character jump forward, this situation disturbs me greatly. My system is XP, My graphics card is the ATI 4300, system is not replaced in the short term and intends to hope that the working group as Soon as possible to solve the mist frame skipping problem, I know my graphics card may be too old, but I think the experience of this kind of game too bad Do you think? Thank you! !
  21. Spider fields. You know what I'm talking about. Five or six spider dens all clustered together, usually right between your base and where you want to be at the moment. Annoyances, for certain, and also completely useless. Or are they? Today I'll be teaching you how to make use of these infernal death traps and even safely and easily clear them away, making use of two vital survival techniques. Hound Cemeteries While the spider dens are still between tiers one and two, strap on your logsuit and begin a simple spider killing fest. The first hit should bring out 2-4 spiders, and the second should bring out 1-2 spiders. Kill them, and be sure to pick up all the monster meat. Only hit each den twice per day. After a few days, you should have a lot of monster meat. Go a little east or west of your camp and spread it all around the ground. When you hear the hounds' breathing, stand in the middle of this field. When the hounds arrive, they will be endlessly distracted by the meat, and you have pretty much as many hits as you want on it. I once killed four like this with a torch. Work fast though, because they eat more than they drop, and it won't last forever. Armor is not needed, because the hounds will always target food before mobs. Make sure this is not by anything flammable, as an effective Hound Cemetery will last well into the occurances of flame hounds. Colony Wars Low on silk? Well, you never will be again! Once your spider dens are a high enough tier to drop eggs (but not high enough to spawn queens!) make a pan flute and hit one spider den once. Now play the flute the second the spiders emerge, 'cause the warrior spiders are quick as all heck and need to be put down fast. The spiders will all fall asleep, and you can hit the den and play the flute again. Once more, and you should be clear to take it down all the way. When it breaks, grap the eggs and run. You can get the silk later, those spiders are gonna be furious when they get up. Now wait a day for the newly homeless arachnids to calm down, and collect the silk from the den. Now comes the fun part. Make yourself a Spiderhat, go to the spider field, and start some Colony Wars! All you have to do is put on the hat and hit a den. These spiders are now yours to command. Attack another colony, but break away before you get there. Take off the hat. Leave. Your work is finished here. Here's how it works: Let's say the colony you briefly commanded is Colony A. As you leave, Colony A will attack the den you told them to, let's call them Colony B. Colony A attacks Colony B's den. Spiders fight really, really slowly, so it should last well into the night. When the rest of the spiders from the other dens come out, they will only see Colony B spiders attacking Colony A spiders, and defend Colony A, giving Colony A plenty of time to break Colony B's nest. Now Colony A will help the other colonies finish off Colony B, eat the remains of all the dead, and go back to their own den. Give it a day or two, and come back to pick up the eggs and silk. Now it's time to start another war. TL;DR: If there are at least three dens, your spiders will win. When you're down to two dens, stand on the sidelines as they fight, for your spiders will now invariably lose. When they do, put your Spiderhat back on and have the colony you just attacked attack the colony you just controlled. Continue you this until one dies, and then take out the last colony while they're weak. Congratulations! You just took out a ton of spider dens and have enough silk to last a lifetime. If you'd like to, replant the remaining eggs, perhaps somewhere more convenient, and start the whole process over, refueling your Hound Cemetery while you're at it.
  22. Hello all! I've decided recently to give streaming a try, and what better game to start with than Don't Starve? Because I'm starting both the game and streaming about the same time, I've decided to stream it from the very start. Currently, I am only on Day 4 have barely begun to scratch the surface of all the current version of Don't Starve has to offer. I'm posting here in hopes that some of you excellent individuals will drop by the stream at some point to say hello! (Seriously, it'd make my day even if you stop by only long enough to say "Hello" ) You can find me at: Thanks, and hope to see one or two of you there!
  23. In Don't starve theres a fair ammount of creatures that can end your life in a matter of seconds, but we all have that one special creature that makes you so scared you just want to close the game and never play again. For me that special creature are the hounds, they scare me so much, they make those really scary noises,they are fast and worst of all, they come in groups. So I want to know what is the creature that scares the living hell out of you and why!
  24. I was wondering if there could be a bee mask? Because sometimes when I try to harvest my honey, I get attacked by my bees. It would be cool to have a bee mask (in the hat slot of the inventory thingy) so you won't take damage from bees from your bee harvester? Or maybe some kind of spray that will make the bees tame so they won't sting you? The bee mask would be created like this: 15 pieces of silk, 5 twigs The spray would be created like this: 20 berries, 10 flowers, 5 pieces of honey You could spray it on the harvester so only those bees would be tamed. It wouldn't work on normal bee hives. Either one of those suggestions could work, but I'm worried about the OP-ness of the bee mask.
  25. I was on my 20th day when suddenly a red hound attacked me followed by multiple regular hounds. I managed to evade it but what was it? Does it drop special loot? are there plans for it in the future? answers to these questions are greatly appreciated. (I died at day 20 by an accidental beefalo misclick)