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100% sustainable base (zero external input) PROJECT EDEN FINAL

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A 100% sustainable base. No external inputs.

Save file provided (uploaded to this post)

Thread discussing the cooling solution can be found here: 

Thread discussing the boiling of crude oil into natural gas that I based my machine on can be found here:

Most of the other solutions (like the hydrogen bubbler or the creation of polluted oxygen) are my take on builds and solutions that have existed for a long time  so there are a great many videos and posts discussing it. I have mainly done variations of them or tweaks to fit the needs for this particular colony.

There is no really advanced use of automation but rather heavy use of simple automation. 

The build might still need tweaking and minor fixes since I have not yet test run the base in a 100% closed environment for an extended amount of time. In theory thought it should work with one NOTE.

Polluted gas might build up over very long extended time in the boiler for polluted water. That could be solved with a pump and air filter pumping polluted oxygen to the pufts. However with current layout there would be risk of pipe breakage. I would have to re-model that chamber (and make it slightly larger) to make sure no steam will reach the pump in order for that to be 100% failsafe (like I have with the boiling of polluted oxygen in the crude oil to NG-plant.

EDIT: I say polluted water to the grain farm. I of course should be saying clean water.....

I do not use debug mode. Feel free to test-run the colony with me.



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Hey I've play tested your base for about 20 cycles. It looking great so far good job. You weren't kidding about the loading time wow.

I made a couple of observations on potential system failures while looking around the base. You said there might be tweaks to be made.

There is ice in the storage of the carbon skimmer room. When this melts after a few cycles the water blocks the atmo sensor causing the skimmer to stall. I noticed CO2 starting to build up and wondered why. Found the puddle of water.


This other one is extremely minor but over enough time might be having an effect on the environment.

There's a row of insulated igneous rock tiles along the top of the base. Clearly minor but there is some energy exchange going on slowly with the outside cold zone. From the selected roof tile and along to the left.


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First, thanks for the mention.

I really enjoyed this series and I think it's an immensely impressive build in a survival game. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do something like it any more. These days I just get an idea or see something else's idea and test it out in as many ways I can. I think a lot of people learned a lot from it, and if nothing else they learned that you can actually build most of the fancy debug mode made builds that are posted (unless the maker did something that is specifically not possible in a survival game) in a survival game. It just requires patience.  And doing things in the right order.

One thing I especially like is the lack of wheezewort spam. I don't like wheezeworts in the current iteration where they are simply free cooling for no cost so I try to avoid using them an using proper machinery instead. If wheezeworts required some kind of fertilizer or irrigation I'd be ok with them though.

Big thumbs up :D

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@Moggles hi thx for the reply. Damn, i missed those. thought I had checked all tile. I will correct it. I know there s a bit of stuff that needs cleanup. Pretty much all the stuff i put in lockers while building the base. I thought I'd jut "vent" it below when needed while test-running (meaning cutting a hole in the floor when the ice melted to let the water out.

Í had meant to do a proper check and testrun before posting to make sure nothing of that was left but I kind of rushed it a bit since it got very close to patch and I was afraid some of the stuff might stop working after it.

@Saturnus Hi. First of all thx for the comment. Yeah patience and time is the main issue. This build took around 500 cycles. I was running it at max speed most of the time but still a lot of hours... 


Personally thought I really enjoy the challenge of building everything in game since you get a lot of problem solving aorund how to make stuff without killing of your dupplicants or harm them more than necessary...  Also I have some self imposed rules like not loading autosaves if i wreck something. Forcing me to deal with all mistakes in-game. I guess the major reason for that is that playing on a normal seed once you have everything figured out is a bit to easy. It is really fun thought to figure out how to solve the problems. But just surviving isn't exactly hard. For example I really enjoy Klei's don't starve a lot and that one is much more difficult from a survival standpoint.

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After some mopping and moving that ice I left it running and everything has been running stable since then.

It's a really good showcase of what is possible using all the mechanics in the game. If you can run a small colony in the end game without needing geysers then all that geyser resource can be put to some other cool uses.

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