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  1. I know I might be beating on deaf ears right now. Please add a UI button that activates the in game menu.
  2. Did they fix the notification spam when a queued recipe lacks resources? That has made the game unplayable for me all weekend.
  3. I think the point was that the melting point of obsidian pipes is higher. Obsidian is 2700c+. Ceramic is 1500+.
  4. I agree. I hope Klei take the same approach to the whole raw material group and encourage more manufacturing chains.
  5. I had a quick glance in debug. Raw abyssalite is gone from build options.
  6. I am now scared to load my save file! Can you still use it for the usual prefabs? Like pipes.
  7. Would someone clarify "The AC cools things to 1K." please? Edit: Thinking on it I guess this might mean the thermo regulator has been clamped at 1k
  8. After the latest update landed today I loaded up a save that was created a while back in the preview branch. I was looking around at my machinery and noticed a very unexpected temperature behavior. There no longer seems to be any transfer of heat between the high pressure cold room above and the extremely low pressure room below through the gold metal tiles. 1132 Cycle 1133.sav
  9. I was digging through a hydrogen biome in to a cold biome and dupes started to get scolded. There appears to be a big in temperature exchange when a cold and hot boundary meet in hydrogen. The temperature of hydrogen can spike up like so. HotHydrogen.sav
  10. Adorable and cute. Meh. Sorry I don't see it. People actually like that stuff? Yuck. Each to their own. Does nothing to enhance gameplay. All I see is dupes doing sod all for another portion of the cycle. Hardly riveting gameplay to watch them stand around doing nothing. It's just extended the already dull as dishwasher night time period and you just wanna debug 10x speed through the drudgery. Yes work time is more focussed sure but it's not a satisfying trade off for me.
  11. The first thing I noticed is that more toilets is a must if you usually run few. I was running a save with 5 dupes and 2 lavatories and on the second cycle after loading one of them made a mess. If you don't have enough to get them all relieved before nighttime things will get messy.
  12. I don't understand the people who have one power supply and totally switching to another type. I utilize all forms of power generator and I tune the whole system with smart batteries to determine the priority based on how abundant a particular resource is as geysers go in and out of dormancy. Even when I go to coal early game I keep two hamster wheels as backup set to 10% threshold. I will always keep those coal gens too as a backup to whatever comes next.
  13. Ah nevermind I just saw the insulation value of the default clothing.
  14. The cool vest description says that it protects dupes from heat by decreasing insulation. However the vest adds +0.05 to dupes insulation stat increasing insulation thickness. To test I locked a dupe in a 70C room with a space heater wearing the cool vest. They quickly gained the toasty surroundings debuff and complained about heat. The reason I think it is broken is because when I removed the cool vest the dupes condition actually improved and toasty surroundings went away. I believe the cool vest is actually cooking the dupe.