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  1. It gives a purpose to the power wasted stat in the daily report. There's a mini challenge in balancing power generation, consumers and batteries if you want to aim for zero power wasted. There's so much coal and hydrogen in the map I don't really worry about it. FYI 500kg (a single load) of coal can almost fill 8 batteries if it has no consumers. Working from there you can start adding consumers and trying to keep batteries stable but not maxed out.
  2. Give mopping some love. Disinfecting just became the new mopping. Ohhhhhhh,
  3. You can steam polluted water using a space heater or even better a thermal regulator built out of gold amalgam. Surround the device in pure chlorine gas in abysalite tiles for insulation and watch the temperature rise. You can drip the polluted water on it to steam out the pollution. I haven't yet found a way to make this type of machine stable though. You have to disable auto repair and accept the damage. That and all the stray steam and water interactions. I guess you could add a thermal switch but the machine heats up way faster than the chlorine. Check out this dude Brothgar chlorine steamer experiments.
  4. Similar to the suggestion made by Kashua but sort of reversed you could stash all fertilizer in a room then lock the door cutting off the supply of fertilizer.
  5. custom scenario

    I would love to see some creative people come out and post some custom cycle 0 maps. Someone make Zebes lol
  6. custom scenario

    Could you void out the waste from the remodelling? Edit: Yes please @Ted n Emily if you can make some epic start maps I would play them.
  7. Why this game is lag?

    I have long wondered if people who get to 50 dupes would be able to reduce lag by isolating small groups in to regions using airlock permissions. Have 5 self sufficient colonies of 10 dupes rather than a sprawling colony of 50 dupes all path finding the entire map. I have not had time to create such a colony and I haven't seen anyone post some experiments about this.
  8. Too much heat

    The trick is the abyssalite material you make the pipes from. It has a tiny thermal conductivity so as it travels through your base it will not heat things up. If you use abyssalite on every pipe section leading to your machine the machine will just use the hot liquid with no consequences. At least in the current build. Edit: Also don't be afraid of digging out the shields. As long as you leave a 1 tile thick layer the biomes will remain shielded.
  9. Some commands do require the game to be playing before they execute.
  10. It's as SeeHam says you have a few incorrect input/output routes in your piping. I've tried to circle the areas you should look at. In these areas things needs to be either rotated or swapped over.
  11. In the screenshot they will never be able to deconstruct until the fallen sand block on the ground is dug out. They therefore will continue doing things they can reach.
  12. This just looks like a broken mess to me can someone explain?
  13. Game performance

    You could try limiting path finding by creating smaller enclosed colonies using access permissions on airlocks. If you have 40 dupes path finding the entire map it will hurt performance. If you can reduce all dupes path finding by a half or a quarter of the map it might help. I noticed that when dupes go to bed fps significantly improves because they only have one goal state of go to bed unless they need food or the bathroom..
  14. I feel something closer to the night time graphical filter should be in effect in unlit areas. Giving the player more awareness of lighting. The base without lights looks bright enough so from the players point of view light management has no benefit. No need to go pitch black like Don't Starve but right now its bright or brighter.
  15. It's disheartening to read your 100 hour breakdown. The only thing I can say is keep trying to improve your game play. Everything you describe I have experienced as I started new colonies. I have 275 hours on record according to Steam. I finally reached cycle 200 and things are going great. There are many examples of 1000+ cycle colonies surviving with minimal frustration. Yes the game is still in development, and thank goodness it is because it's a ******* cakewalk.