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  1. Reading the comments I see you already found the error. Another potential error that I have experienced was by locking my duplicants out of access to certain materials. Having a door restriction set up to an area for example and forgetting some of those resources are on the other side, or prevent manual access to an area and screw up automation for delivery of said material. Those things can also lead to the info bar showing less materials than you actually have since it only shows materials that your duplicants can access. (At least that's how I think it works)
  2. My solution was using a map with volcano trait. It is fairly easy to set up a volcano powered steam turbine room without any space materials and it can be done very early. What I did was hamsterwheel my way through the first 100+ cycles until I got the tech and duplicant skill needed for taming volcanoes (or at least for the way I want to do it, moving the hat around with transport belts.) II don't remember exactly but I think I was done with super sustainable around cycle 300 or so...
  3. I found out the hard way, that overpopulating can't kill of the population. Not managing temperature however can. You have the pond a bit to warm... and once in a while a gulp fish hatch... and slowly your population will dwindle.
  4. I guess you have, but just in case you haven't. Have you checked the conveyor loader? If you have some automation connected to it, eggs can get stuck inside.....
  5. Even if I, by replying to this, validate your thesis on the subject I respectfully disagree. What people do here, and faster than lightning, is pointing out flaws in your design and what you can do better. I choose to view that as people being helpful I guess it's a glass half full/ half empty kind of thing... Or in case you are a cat it is nor full nor empty ..the glass is on the way to the floor....
  6. If someone write something that is not grammatically correct you can safely assume that English is not his or her first language. No need to ask people to point that out at the end of the post. A huge part of this community have English as 2d or 3d language (including myself). It would be easier for me to reply på Svenska som är mitt modersmål, A bit harder pero possiblé para mi responder en español. And I am really glad I don't have to write my replies in german since Ich preche ein bischen aber ich habe viele schwierigkeit mit der, die, das unt alle grammatik
  7. I think Ethanol is on point power-wise, especially considering how simple of a production chain we are talking about here. However it could be interesting if there was an alternative way of producing ethanol more efficiently but also more complex. Like with oil. You got the easy inefficient way with machinery and the efficient but complex way by boiling it... Since production of ethanol is based on a fermentation process and distillation one fun way could be to let the microbes in ONI pay a role for more effective distillation. What if you let the germs in ONI (the ones from rotting food) be able to interact with lumber. You could have a process where you transport lumber to an area with super high concentration of germs for fermentation (converting in biomass) and then transport the biomass to to another area where you heat the biomass converting it into ethanol gas and co2 but at a far more effective rate than using distillers. As a mechanic i think it would be fun to use the germs for something productive....
  8. 20 solar panels before getting a running ethanol powerplant? It takes a lot less to set up the ethanol plant than safe space solar farm, first of all for the solar farm u need a ton of glass for the plants, steel for meteor protection, set up cooling for robo miners in space, all that takes a lot longer time than just dig up an area close to space with vent to lower space level, still protected from actual meteor showers and put a few powerplants up ... Especially considering on a lot of maps there are very big lakes of ethanol so you can start of without having to refine any. You can just pump it to the powerplants from different pockets of ethanol on the map for quite some time...
  9. Just vent all unwanted gasses from the ethanol power production into space and you get good net power output, especially if you boost them with power control station. And don't use pumps to vent the gas. just put it next to space and it will all solve itself...
  10. I got the cinematic right away at launch of the rocket... but I did that a few hot fixes ago so maybe the changed it since
  11. i did it in survival around cycle 670... Well massive spoiler ahead: