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  1. I actually doesnt matter much if the slime is gassing or not. In a contained area they eat more poluted oxygen than the slime they make produce. So you can keep pumping in polluted oxygen as much as you want. However the water could serve as a good way for duplicants to go in and pick up slime or do whatever in there without the puff escaping
  2. Yes. Now when i know what to look for I feel a bit dumb for even thinking I was first when it comes to this. The reason I did was that all resent videos on youtube on how to deal with polluted oxygen was hydrogen bubblers. I ve tried building those out of de-bug mode in normal games. I don t use de-bugg mode. They work but are complicated to set up and take time to get to work well. The pufs however is a walk in the park. Especially if you don t go through the hassle I did to get them somewhere special. I mean you can just trap them where they are. I udnerstand now when I have started to google it that there was a problem earlier with them pooping really cold slime resulting in them freezing to death. That is not the case anymore. They do fine cycle after cycle. I had mine for quite some time now. The slime comes out at some +10 C. I simply have hard to get why to go through all the trouble with a hydrogen bubler when this simply is more efficient..
  3. EDIT: I was not first it seems. When I knew what to look for I found a few people mentioning this. OH well. good info to get out there anyway...
  4. Polluted Oxygen

    I posted a youtubevideo about the Pufts that CodingKitteh talks about in his post. Thought I was first but apperently not If you fint any Pufts around that is by faar the easiest way to deal with polluted oxygen and it has no real drawbacks...
  5. Better than hydrogenbubblers and a lot easier way to deal with polluted oxygen long-term I kind of stumbled upon this by pure chanse and made a small youtube video about it. It is sustainable long term and use very little energy (And you don t need sand at all) I have not seen this before... so I might be first. In that case FIRST! (no access to potato) Enjoy!