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A simple natural gas generator model

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Here's a simple natural gas generator in case want to know how it works:



1-Find a geyser (check)

2-Build the generators & gas pump (check)

3-Build the batteries (check)

4-Build a place to store dripping polluted water (check)

5-Build transformers (check)

6-Build a manual starter for the circuit (check)

7-Build carbon dioxide remover (check)


There, you have a good generator 

(Fertilizer makers are extra)



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How? Once done they have no business going back, powers already fed out, nothing to touch but maybe the material that falls out the bottom and can use paintings to mitigate stress there if need be.  I don't even have any snazzy suits on.

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One thing that I don't see very often is people using their natural gas generator runoff to liquid cool things.  I think you can stably liquid cool 8 thermoregulators with 3 natural gas generators (if you need that many), then feed the hot polluted water in to fertilizer synthesizers.  It effectively deletes the heat and you don't need as many wheezeworts (meaning you can use more wheezeworts elsewhere).  Also you probably don't want your fertilizer synthesizers in the same place as your natural gas generators, as then you will get polluted O2 in with the natural gas and need a filter.  I put my fertilizer synthesizers next to a natural gas geyser, which I ensure remains pure natural gas.

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On 16/01/2018 at 9:56 AM, Oozinator said:

..and a nice heatsouce, after some time in your base.

Not if you design it correctly.

Change the OPs design to have the fertilizer makers on top in a sealed room. The natural gas fertilizer synths produce is a fixed 40C and can easily cool down your natural gas generators by running the natural gas in meandering pipes through the generator section. If you use the OPs design however, you will have thermal runaway.  

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