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Is language okay in dst mods?

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I'm making a character from a game which there's a lot of language in it like f***, damn, shi*, crap, mother, ect. and I want to keep the character(s) faithful to their franchise *coughpd2cough*.

I wanted to know is it okay for a mod on the workshop to have language, suggestive humor, crude humor, or will it be removed? I mean there's already mod for cannibalism which I think is much worse, but I want to be certain. Don't want to work hard then all of a sudden my mod was removed for 1 swear word in an examination quote :(.

If it's not okay on the workshop is it possible for example I have 2 speech_files one is censored one is the original which is downloaded from somewhere else, would it be possible for a client to replace the censored one with the original one then they can see the original examinations or would the game crash if all players don't have the same exact speech_files? Thanks for reading my question, have a good day/night :)!

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