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So who isn't loving Don't Starve? I know I love everything about it, except them pesky spiders. why can't they leave me alone? D; Anyways, I thought I would do some sketches based around Don't Starve and it got me into the idea of drawing a mini-comic of experiences or just short stories of things that could go wrong while in out in the world. I have a couple storyboards done and are planning to create more. I will continue to work on them during my free time and hopefully I can release them to you. I am really excited so I will just post a pose picture.post-9763-13764590854185_thumb.jpg

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Thank you, everyone. I cannot wait, as well.@Mobius - I haven't decided on a color choice. The two options I am currently debating with are black and white or black and white with key objects having color. For example, the comic would be black and white but if there was an apple or something, it would be a red just to draw attention to it. This is really the exact opposite of my other drawings which are very vibrant and full of colors.

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