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Maxwell is evil?!

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Maxwell can be a good person because all the character, for me is just evil:Wilson - evil scientist.Willow - fire-starter.Wendy - killed her sister.Wolfgang - complex of superiority.Wx-78 - hate living things.Winkherbottom - autoritary person.Wes - a person who don't fits on the society.Maxwell - a guy who try to make the real world a better place for the good people, taking the bad people to the another world.

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Maxwell looks like Enoch from Boardwalk Empire (apparently was based on that) so he can't be a nice person. >w> just my theory though.

I've never watched that.. Imagine that.. Don't Starve making me want to watch a TV show..Sadly I can never get the image of Buscemi as the poet in Big Fish out of my head when I see him anywhere..
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