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  1. Turning off Waves

    I'm experiencing this bug in Don't Starve singleplayer now, and it has broken Up and Away's waves. Is there any alternative to this function?
  2. Up and Away

    You need to update the game. You're running a build from August.
  3. Up and Away

    Could you upload your log.txt so I can see what's happening?
  4. Indeed. There's a Discord, as well.
  5. Hmmmm? Mmmmm. To expand on this, though, the mod isn't being rewritten. It's being developed again, however. With the help of Zarklord, the issues that existed within Wicker have been solved, so now I can start getting everything working with the newest updates (and eventually DST, but single-player is my only priority right now.) Currently, most things that worked before work again. I'm pushing relatively frequent updates to the steam workshop page (and here) in order to minimize the issues people may have with the mod in it's current state. The mod is in need of artists/animators/writers again!
  6. Up and Away

    Is that the sound of raindrops hitting an umbrella? That's what I hear...
  7. An unlockable character that I haven't unlocked yet is choosable if I start a DS save with SW compatibility. Character loads as Wilson, however.
  8. No ETA for anything, and there won't be a rewrite. It is a buggy mess right now. I am making progress, however.
  9. Up and Away

    @funtimefoxy @deaththeking Up and Away is no longer being updated by the team. This includes incompatibilities with any game updates and DLC.
  10. Memory Leak?

    That doesn't seem like a memory leak; the minimum settings on the store page suggests 4GB of RAM.
  11. Randomly while playing, the game will crash on me. I'm not doing anything in particular, it just completely closes without a dialog windows or error displayed.
  12. I'm pretty happy to see an Antlion implemented.
  13. I hope to get some great feedback from the just-released Winnie mod for Don't Starve Together.

  14. I'm putting a small twist on Sanity for the upcoming Winnie standalone mod. Sanity is important, but what of Hope?

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      If you ever happen to need a writer, I'm always available :)

    3. debugman18


      You interested in adding all of the most recent DST strings?

    4. ImDaMisterL


      From ANR? Sure am!

  15. Up and Away

    There are a ton of incompatibilities between Up and Away and Don't Starve/Together. Right now, it's not playable on the latest version, vanilla or otherwise. It's very unlikely that this iteration of Up and Away will be updated in the future in a meaningful way. I simply don't have the time to learn what is needed to bring the mod to a playable state. However, there is good news. I am going to release a standalone version of Winnie early next year, re-balanced and rewritten for Don't Starve/Together.