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  1. I playing Don't Starve, in some moment i got the insanity efects and this give me some nausea, it's really easy for me get nausea (I threw up when I was traveling by plane. For example) The developers can't make some setting to make this effect stop, without this make the game unplayable.I think can have another person with this problem.The old effect does't give me this problem, but the new effect is really sickening.
  2. Maxwell can be a good person because all the character, for me is just evil:Wilson - evil scientist.Willow - fire-starter.Wendy - killed her sister.Wolfgang - complex of superiority.Wx-78 - hate living things.Winkherbottom - autoritary person.Wes - a person who don't fits on the society.Maxwell - a guy who try to make the real world a better place for the good people, taking the bad people to the another world.
  3. I was playing with wolfgang at evil days of hounds and, no armor. When i be killed i unlocked the WX-78 lose less sanity, go in a worm hole i lossed 15 of sanity, no 33, but 15, i don't eated a monster meat to view if he lose less sanity when eat this meat. It's just this guys thank you for reading.