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  1. I tried playing it.. never again to freaky.
  2. Everyone seems to have epic base camps, I can't even survive long enough to make a base. T_T
  3. I was just thinking about going on as I haven't been on for a long time, but after reading this I'm just like 'NOPE!', maybe tomorrow when it isn't dark out and I'm not sitting alone I might play it.
  4. I hope they do make one called Wallace because that was my great grandad's name and I never met him.
  5. Generated a new world when the one I had was awesome.Fought Hounds and multiple Treeguards without armour or a spear.Me = NOOB.That is all.
  6. I just went on and made a new game and set up a nice camp (fire pit, science machine, 2 chests and trees around everything (I know they don't do much but I like the feel...)) and as Soon as I got my science machine I unlocked the log suit and spear as I had 200+ research points from previous games. I made a spear so I could defend my self and wait through the night. The next day hounds appeared (there were 2) I got the biggest fright ever and ran while equipping my spear, I ran more and picked off the hounds one by one. I didn't think spears were needed (HAHA NOOB) so I wouldn't have managed that without the help from you guys, so thanks again.
  7. Everyone seems to get at past at least Day 50 and I can hardly get past 5. I mean I got to Day 10 like once.I wish this game had difficulty settings you know like you can go on Easy, Medium, Hard or Expert, but maybe that would ruin it? Anyway the point I was trying to make is I personally DON'T want this game to be harder.
  8. Yeah I had a Graveyard too, all of the good parts were pretty close together too.
  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ♥ XXX Everyone Have a Happy 2013! Also hope you all have the best of luck with your Don't Starve games! :3 (Thank You for the Tips Earlier!)
  10. Like everyone else has been saying just use a shovel and you'll make short work of it.
  11. Well my first ever world was quite a good one, there was a Pig Village with the Pig King, a Savannah with Beefalos (Sorry if I spelled that wrong), a swamp (scared the living day lights out of me when a random tentacle appeared) and much more wonders but I kept ending up dead due to not enough resources to make a fire as I would be on about Day 4-6 and be trying to get a fire pit instead, so like an idiot I generated a new world and now can't get a good one. Guess I shouldn't have done that. Also can someone please tell me what generation type is usually better for good worlds, you know, Default or Test?
  12. I agree and THAT FILM IS THE BEST! (Sorry about the caps but I really needed to emphasize that.)
  13. Wilson... No but seriously there's not much in the game I don't like! (Other than a surprise attack from a Tree Guard and some Hounds...)