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All wicker run?


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I was, painfully, involved in a 6 wicker run. There's no armor to go around until -very- far in and it's agonizingly slow until you get the fire staff, but you can petrify everything forever, so you're basically ok until boarillas. As long as you have a good enough runner granny (Sorry, say goodbye to that fire staff damage for awhile) then there's no good reason you can't at least get to boarrior, but it takes -forever-.

We didn't win, though. Our runner granny wasn't good enough. It took about 40 minutes to reach the first boarilla, by the way. Urgh.

Boarrior would be a problem, with 125 hp tanks w/o Woodie's attack cancels, bad revives, and like half your normal dps. Also, uh, half your party members are stuck bonking him with tomes... if you took up cycles of petrifying him without attacking to help fill up time between heals, you'd be able to survive, but that only reinforces that it'll take -forever-.

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