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Because fire is too mainstream...


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It's better, fireflies go away, the ghost stays :D (he does what to kill you though).How did you managed to keep the ghost there? I don't see a mandrake there.

I'm just going around fireplace and some times he gets stuck in that place, I can walk to the nearest chest as you see in picture or to pig king, if you go further he will unstuck somehow and chase you again. But I use it as a pet too or something like that :D he's sooo slow tho :D
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I found a ghost once but it vanished again? I havent seen it since.

Lost your ghost? Just dig another one (y) ;) I dug like 5 of them in one map, so its nothing, just take your golden shovel and dig it again :) anyway graves do respawn :)
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Gumi do you dig graves much?I am trying gather stats for graves and their content.

Yeah, pretty much :) I like to have gold in my pockets you know :D and I'm always curious to find something that I didn't found before :)
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