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  1. You know, I will do one project my self, there I will link your awesome statistics ^^
  2. Yeah, pretty much I like to have gold in my pockets you know and I'm always curious to find something that I didn't found before
  3. he's just walking piece of meat and some wood ;DI want to see what more dangerous stuff they will add in Halloween ^^
  4. guess I can be Tomb robber (as a Tomb raider..if you know what I mean)
  5. as for me, I search for them, going chopping trees (bigger ones) and trying to find them
  6. Lost your ghost? Just dig another one (y) I dug like 5 of them in one map, so its nothing, just take your golden shovel and dig it again anyway graves do respawn
  7. I'm just going around fireplace and some times he gets stuck in that place, I can walk to the nearest chest as you see in picture or to pig king, if you go further he will unstuck somehow and chase you again. But I use it as a pet too or something like that he's sooo slow tho
  8. Or just go send your one pig, he will kill it and will forget you OR just lure him to tentacles and he will forget you every time he kills tentacle I need to punch him again and then lure to another tentacle
  9. Yeah, it does as you see Its like fireflies light.
  10. And I like to kill piggy's with ghosts as well as killing buffalo's, its pretty easy
  11. So today I was exploring.. After some time I heard some sort of burning sound, but very thick, I don't know how to describe it...and then I found source of it, it was manure that was exactly in one place 38 of them ;D at 1st I thought its infinite source of manure but it was just 38. And it was in odd place too, no buffalo's were around, no pigs..Its pretty weird bug I guess ;D Here's picture of it: I waited some time..maybe the sound will come off, but that odd sound was still there. I'm pretty sure it was burning sound but as I said somehow different.. So what do you guys/girls think? Or maybe you even saw this? :3
  12. I'm doing test now, how much tentacles I can kill with this guy. Its 3 hits them easily
  13. So I was killing some buffalo's with my ghost, in that island there was friendly tree monster, I lured it from other island days ago..He was chilling, walking and then suddenly it caught fire, he did some damage to the forest tho and after like 5 seconds he fallen to his death :\ poor guy. He dropped 1 piece of meat and some wood...So they are weaklings against fire...I thought they were invincible.. Here's him K.O'd ;D So I started to manipulate this big guy and found out how much tentacle monsters he can handle. So I researched that he can kill 8 tentacle monsters. At least this one :3
  14. Fun fact: if you are cooking mandrake night turns into day like you were sleeping ^^ Excess told me I should write this here Hope it helps for someone