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The Forge Ultimate Playlist


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The music in DST got repetitive and annoying fast, and The Forge is no different. The last few hours I've been playing with the music off, but I always wanted to get a playlist of instrumental songs to listen to while playing The Forge

Can you come up with a song that would best match the atmosphere and visuals of The Forge's battle arena? Extra points if the music fits the slightly cartoon-ish style of Don't Starve.

I'll start off with what I think is my top pick because it complements the arena, and the "chanting" in the song could be coming from the piggies ;)

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5 hours ago, 359368170 said:

On the wegame shop which sells DST just like steam in China. It shows that The Forge will come in 11.10.2017.

This is in the wrong topic, but nice catch! China is ahead of Vancouver by 16 hours, so in the end, looks like Forge will be releasing on the day pretty much what everyone guessed, Thursday.

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