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Hello From A New Guy!

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13 hours ago, KAL_9000 said:

Hi, I'm KAL 9000. I just got ONI, but it looks great so far! Up to Cycle 72 on my first colony where everyone doesn't die immediately! Just wanted to say hi to y'all. 



You gon' get burnt.

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Welcome to The Optimistic Idiots! We only have six Duplicants because we turned off the printing pod. Can't have too much of a burden on the life support!


LEFT TO RIGHT: KAL, Narwhalz, TNH, Val, Ben, Brent 

"Every KAL thinks that they're the smartest KAL. When they get together, they argue a lot." 

"Narwhalzs are incredibly proud of their thick, dignified unibrows." 

"TNHs are very passionate and express their emotions most efficiently by yelling." 

"This Val is objectively the best Val. Don't tell her that: it might go to her head."

"Bens love to stay tidy. They'll spend 57% of their waking time in the shower." 

"This Brent loves Pufts for some reason."

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