Otto Von Chesterfield, Esq. <-- Make him more impressive with upgrades.

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I really like this idea. It would be cool if you could make changes to the Eyebone to summon another Chester or zap him with lightning to make him (slowly) increase in size and capacity. Maybe a larger Chester could be aggressive to animals that attack you, which would have the downside of making him more likely to die - respawning at the original size.

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I actually made a page on this previously, I had two ideas:

*fire chester

*warrior chester

For fire chester you had to put 9 firegems in each slot during full moon (like ice chester). Fire chester would be able to warm player up when standing near him, and cook foods.

Packim Baggims turned out to be a lot like what I had wanted.

The warrior chester turned into this variant when 9 hound's teeth were placed inside of each slot. Warrior Chester would fight enemies that attacked him, by being equipped with fangs. One possible downside to this might be that he ate food placed inside of him to balance it out.

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