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  1. Do You Like The New Forums?

    Yes because the internet is no place for freedom of speech!
  2. Do You Like The New Forums?

    The colors and layout of the forum is groaty. And I just tried to backspace away a typo I made. Guess the text frame wasn't perfect selected anymore because my web browser went back two pages and I lost everything I was writing. Then I tried searching for this thread again and it took me 3 searches to find it, and each search has 20? 30? seconds before you can search again. GRAH! Edit: Also, I click on "Items I have Participated In", and it still doesn't show this thread.
  3. Its my birthday today..

    Quote Originally Posted by Arm4g3dd0nX View Post[birthday cake]Shipped directly from hell! It's your favorite!Arm4g3dd0nX? He doesn't count. After all, he sounds like a total douchebag. O_o
  4. Its my birthday today..

    Shipped directly from hell! It's your favorite!
  5. Hard to decide if it would be best for the game to spawn non-renewable resources or not. Its not like you could get the green gem right away anyway. The split second mushrooms, reeds, saplings, grass tufts, and berry bushes become renewable, i will start using them for fuel instead of wood. O_o
  6. I like the dark garland.Klei is never going to include swords, ever.The nature staff is really cool, but I would would suggest that the staff will spawn natural things in a random way. Use it in a forest biome and you'll sprout a random pattern of sapling trees and flowers. Use it in a marsh biome and you'll sprout some spiky trees. Use it in a rocky biome and sprout nothing. This staff COULD be made to spawn non-renewable resources too, such as saplings, berry bushes, mushrooms, and reeds, but that might be significantly overpowered.The rest of your suggestions seem too overpowered. They would completely shift how the game is played and make everything far too easy.
  7. Playlist to Don't Starve to!

    You forgot this song: just teasing. (It's just gobbler sounds.)
  8. Gobbler Fanpage

    The entire rest of the forums is the gobbler hate page. This was supposed to be the one place where people that actually liked gobblers could fangirl about them. O_o
  9. Are you guys kiddin'? You see a suspicious dirt pile. Walk about 1-2 game hours, (30-60 seconds). Throw a boomerang once. Whack him with a spear 14 times, dodging his attack three times, or not, doesn't really hurt with a modicum of armor. Collect the loot, 1-2 more game hours and you're back doing whatever you were doing. And more often than not the tracks lead you to where you were going anyway! I say it should be 4 meat, 1 trunk. Also, jerky should give 5-10 sanity, not 15. 15 sanity is for taffy and pumpkin cookies, not jerky. Oh I know: 10 sanity, 15 health, 25 hunger. Instead of the current 15 sanity, 20 health, 25 hunger.
  10. Gobbler Fanpage

    That's hot. O_o
  11. Gobbler Fanpage

    OMG! I didn't expect this thread to blow up so much! So much gobbler love! It's WONDERFUL! I didn't know Willette made that 3d gobbler. And that mod by simplex is so awesome I had the doofiest grin possible while it played! XD P.S.: While it saddens me a bit to kill gobblers, that IS one of the many gifts they give us. And while there are still berry bushes, there will always be more gobblers. So strategies on defeating this feathered fool are a-ok too. ^_^
  12. Gobbler Fanpage

    Not trying to spam or bump this thread, I just wanted to mention...OMG THAT WAS STUPID HARD TO MAKE THAT MP3 FILE!My trials and tribulations: P.S.: Still love them gobblers. Don't hesitate to continue professing your love or clicking repeat on that mp3 I worked so hard to make. O_oP.P.S.: OH! And if you have more fan art for Gobblers, this is the perfect place to put it! Speaking of which, I found some more. I'm not taking credit for any of this stuff! If you drew these things, go ahead and announce it! I just wanna share your work!A thought so beautiful he's nearly crying. O_oIt's like WX-78 combined with a gobbler!Stupid AND lovable...Even people from Thailand love gobblers!WOW! A 3d version of a gobbler?! Awesome!If I was to make a request for something, I'd love to see an animated gif of a gobbler. O_o
  13. Gobbler Fanpage

    They definitely have a knack for dropping delicious meats! Goofy to the extreme. ^_^Here's what I think about the sleeping one:And here is one of those fancy shmancy filter thingies to make this image into a cool poster!I've never seen a frozen gobbler before! Hilarious!Here is what a gobbler looks like IN REAL LIFE:
  14. There's so much Gobbler hate, I wanted to make this thread a sanctuary where we all can give the adorable gobbler some lovin'. First, you must play the following mp3 file before reading this post.Open this link with a new tab: admire all these gobbler pictures:And this fan art I found on Google Images:And now for my personal testimony:I love gobblers. They make me smile. Which is, "GOBBLEOBBLEROBBLEOBBLE!" in the language of the gobblers. Don't Starve would simply NOT be the same without them. Whoever voice acted for the gobbler needs to be a billionaire - NOW. They can eat my berries all day long. O_oEdit: Almost forgot, having the wiki link would be really useful here! Here you go:, what do YOU love about gobblers? Is it the tuft of feathers on the top of the head? Is it the look of sheer stupidity on their faces? Is it the thrill of chasing them all around the island?! Let me know in the responses below!