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  1. You forgot this song: just teasing. (It's just gobbler sounds.)
  2. People still die from spider queens? The only hard thing about spider queens is they occasionally spawn spider warriors, a MUCH more fearsome foe.
  3. Doesn't recognize Beetlejuice? *sadface*Doesn't see how the episode relates to the quote? *double sadface*
  4. Should of added a couple shavings of real mandrake root. That way you could eat it and exhibit hallucinogenic effects. :)Careful though, as too much will make you sick. O_o
  5. I have a few videos posted on YouTube. O_o And a couple people even subbed to me.
  6. A nudge feature would be pretty sweet. O_o Maybe make a craftable dolly or something and you can go up to a chest and push against it to move it a bit.Works on:-Walls-Science Machines-Tents-Crock Pots-Chests-Bird Cages-Lightning Rods-Alchemy Engines-Winterometers-Meat Effigies-Night Lights-Shadow ManipulatorsAnd only those things. The rest of the items are buried in the ground and cannot be nudged. O_o
  7. I got you beat [MENTION=1981]vingw[/MENTION]:
  8. This is literally the stuff of nightmares. Like I could literally dream of seeing that Wilson character standing right in front of me and freak me the @^#$ out!