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  1. I figured there’d be a million but I don’t mind, thank you!
  2. People talk about creating animations from that one sample idle animation mod, but I just wanna tweak the animations already there. No clue where they are or what type of file they'd be. Also I'd figured they'd be xml files, but everyone everywhere is saying the animations are in the anim.bin file of each zip. None of the characters zips have them though so maybe they're drawing it from one really specific place?
  3. What? I...sorry, I'm a junior member. I copy/pasted someplayer.components.grue:AddImmunity("harvard") under local function common_postinit(inst) someplayer.components.grue:AddImmunity("harvard") end in the lua file of my character's prefab folder, and it didn't work...
  4. How do I plug that into a custom character's scripts? Or where?
  5. Thank you so much! I didn't know scripts like this one existed! I stuffed em' in the modmain file, and they worked just like they should!
  6. This is a pretty simple problem, but I couldn't find anyone with the same problem. How do I make a character simply not be attacked in the dark?
  7. Uh, could someone at least tell me how to give them a few phrases to randomly pick from?
  8. -I would like to have my character say only a set few phrases, like Wilton or Wilbur, but I don't know the scripts, or where to put them. -And, uh, this is kind of a weird question, but is it possible to make my character drop every tool they try to equip? Like when someone tries to pick up Lucy the Axe? They don't have arms, and it would be weird to have floating tools. I was planning on making them dependent on other players, if you're curious.
  9. I made a post on this, and thanks to Kunomori, I was able to advance further in my process of making a character. My only problem right now is the auto compiler not creating a zip file for the characters main anim folder. I edited the name in every single file, so I doubt it's a name problem. I changed all the files in the exported folder, edited the scml file in spriter(just to fix the misplacement of my character's face), and ran the compiler. It ended up only creating a "ghost_[character]_build.zip" file, even though I edited the ghost file just as much. I could just edit the atlas files manually, but the first time I did that, it took a few days. I only recently learned what the exported folder is for(again, thanks to Kunomori), but I changed every single esctemplate to my character's name. Does anyone here know how to force the auto compiler to make a [character].zip file for the anim folder?
  10. I followed what you said exactly, even going so far as to uninstall every mod, then use the auto compiler, but it's only creating the ghost_harvard_build. My exported folder branches into the harvard(my character) folder, and the ghost build folder. I'm was starting to get the hang of things, and then this problem came out of nowhere and threw me off track. How to I get the auto compiler to output the harvard folder instead of just the ghost one? (Sorry for asking a boatload of questions. It's just I'm really bad at this, and no-one else seems to have these problems.)
  11. Oh my god, thank you! I've made a character before(very poorly), but their head was a normal human size. I think the problem that I never accounted for was I believe I downloaded a repost of the "Extended Sample Character" because the one I used before wouldn't re-download. I guess the only question I have yet to have answered, is what good is the exported folder? Other than for use in spriter, I mean. Can I convert the folder into the atlas files required, or do I just copy paste each little picture from exported? (Sorry, btw. I couldn't find the answer myself, and I'm practically an infant when it comes to obscure problems.)
  12. How do I edit the build.bin and anim.bin in the characters anim folder? I want to get rid of the cut off parts of my character's head, is pretty much the sum up of my problem. I want the character to look like it does below, without the limitations of the extended template characters little box.
  13. I know basic coding, like changing run speed, starting inventory, and stats, but I don't know how to make unique coding. I could take a look at the Wolfgang scripts, but I believe it would be much simpler to just change the field counting as a head. The character I intend to make also has no arms and digit-grade legs, so I would prefer using the same, or similar template. (Also changing just the template wouldn't work, it would still cut out pieces of the characters head. I think I need to change one of the files in the "Anim" rar file, but I don't understand any of that garbled nonsense. I might be needing something in Don't Starve Mod Tools, but I don't know about those either.)