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Angry Dupes can punch through Unobtainium/Neutronium

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Guessing this is something people have already noticed, but dupes could, in theory, dig through the world barrier if enough of them were mad.

also not sure if it's related, but my game crashed sometime after the dupe punched through.

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Probably, as you're not supposed to destroy that stuff.. might have crashed due to neutronium not having a 'drop' version maybe.

It would make for an interesting setup though.... set up a stressing room next to some unobtanium and lock a destructive dupe into it, then watch him break down the unbreakable wall.

Dupes must have really hard heads, as they are more effective than their digging tools obviously.. found any way yet to train them to use their heads for digging instead of their digging tools?


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39 minutes ago, rezecib said:

Huh, at the time I did that it was debug-diggable and I had no crash issues.

Duplicants take infinite time to dig it regardless of mode but instant build digs it just fine and always did for what I remember.

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