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  1. Having fun messing with more pixel art. I wanted to make a better dupethink emoji for the discord.
  2. Made for Hot chocolate! Her dupe Kelsey which she drew a while back that I thought was adorable.
  3. The Disgusted Meep variant as promised.
  4. Been doing a lot of pixel art lately, decided to do an ONI themed sprite. Going to make an alternate version with a disgust face/emoji, but for now enjoy this Duplicants for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (DETA) approved sprite.
  5. As I found before outbreak and have tested twice now afterwards as colonies go above the 2000 cycle count and higher time stretches longer and longer each day. Currently my latest test colony is at cycle 3033 running on x3 speed. Assuming normal conditions, a cycle at x3 speed should take 200 seconds to complete. Timing it showed the cycle took 403 seconds. Another test I ran month or two ago had a friend's colony lasting until cycle 7060 before inevitably dying from the same issue; cycle times increased to the point that her dupes died in their sleep from starvation because the night cycle lasted too long. I'm attaching both her save and my current colony. DETA V2.sav The Leakee Committee Cycle 5000.sav
  6. Curious how this will impact electrolyzers...
  7. According to some fellow players testing in the ONI Discord it is possible for hatches to consume polluted water and dirt from wash basins and outhouses, deleting the germs created. While a neat loophole it would be a good idea to make hatches capable of becoming diseased or simply correcting the buildings so they cannot be eaten from, similar to how hatches used to be able to eat from storage containers.
  8. Bad day so I took some medication, Screws and I are feeling pretty chill now.
  9. Decided to draw my GF and I as we would appear in the current incarnation of the game where height difference and glasses don't exist. Neither of us have a good representative dupe to use. Also been drawing a fair amount of Screws but we were discussing other appearance options for dupes so I decided to draw him with a beard.
  10. Screws, the actually tough version of Nails. Hair is the main give away unless he is beating some sense, and his fists, into someone.
  11. Hatchinson reporting for night shift/very upset about being woken up before nightfall.
  12. Considered it, will see what I can to today while I'm at work, no promises though.
  13. Morby performing An Ode to Poo, his first non-physical artistic endeavor, and a quick doodle of a DETA representative spreading the good word.
  14. Going to make a legit monster dupe later, but sharing Puffington and Morby I doodled real quick traditionally this morning.
  15. Colony was officially lost on cycle 4821's long night. That morning Leira died from starvation overnight and in their mourning the night of 4821 dragged on longer than normal and everyone starved in their sleep. It was a fun experiment while it lasted.